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    Thoughts on Fatima: Usable in US?

    Hello Everyone!

    My husband is of African American Descent and I am American Indian and English. We are TTC and have come down to a small list of names. However, i still cannot shake the feeling i get when i hear the name "fatima." It is like music to my ears! I love it so much but have pretty much let the thought of using it go due to "fat" being at the beginning (potential teasing) & that we have no ties to the muslim faith. What do you think about us using it? Do you think it is usable in the US in a non-muslim household? please honest and open opinions.

    Thank you!!

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    I live in Canada (though a very multicultural part of it) and I've known a number of Fatimas, including one of my good friends. As far as I can remember they were all Middle Eastern but I don't think they were all strict/observing Muslims. Both fuh-TEE-mah and FAT-uh-mah are legitimate pronunciations, though most tend to be called and answer to both. They weren't teased for their names in particular, and honestly, if kids wanted a reason to be mean it wouldn't matter what someone's name was, they'd find one.
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    Well, I know/have known several women named Fatima--though they have all been Muslim women.

    On an adult I think it would be fine, but it's very hard for me to imagine it working nicely both on a child who will be raised in American schools and on a non-Muslim that isn't even of Arabic descent.

    Sorry, but my call would be no.

    What about something similar that's less recognizably Arabic/Muslim:
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    Uh.... I don't know. I agree that it is gorgeous, but it is so strongly associated with Islam. I can't imagine meeting a little Fatima or Mohammed and finding out that the parents just liked the way the name sounds. It isn't like, offensive or anything (to me) but it would take my brain a minute to catch up. Have you considered Paloma?
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    Thank you all for your opinions!! My concerns were the same as all of yours, i think it is more so that it would be hard to picture on her rather than it being offensive or teasing potential.

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