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Thread: Twin Name #2?

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    Recently Adriel was suggested to me. I like that it's a bit unusual, but I'm not entirely sure. I want to use "Mercy" as a middle name as a nod to my sister. Adriel Mercy and Azaria Grace. I'm 60% there, but...thoughts?

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    Well Adriel is a boy's name. Didn't you want a girl's name? I think if they are both girls it's best to stick with girls' names for both, or boys' for both. You could do Ariel/Arielle/Ariela, which few people even know is unisex.

    I like the suggestion of Annora.

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    For some reason, I don't like Annora all that much. It's a pretty name, but I don't think I like it enough to use.
    Adriel doesn't really sound like a boys name to me, so I wouldn't mind using it, but I understand how it might be odd, having two girls, one with a girls name and one with a boy's.
    I like Arielle, especially with way it sounds with Azaria. But I don't know about it, simply because it's a bit mainstream (I don't mean to sound picky and hipster-ish, but I really do like unusual names and unisex names and the like.)
    But Arielle as definitely made it on the list for consideration.

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    I think Azaria & Athena sound great together. Both have a very womanly strength to them. Also

    Azaria & Amaliya
    Azaria & Aminta / Araminta
    Azaria & Alethea / Althea
    Azaria & Amadea -- Also a standout for me. I love Amadea.
    Azaria & Astrid
    Azaria & Aysu
    Azaria & Arietty / Arietta

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