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    So I'm pretty much obsessed with finding 2nd baby girls name, due in a few mnths.

    Me & my husband have been talking about "Avalynn" today.

    My concerns are how people will pronounce it. We would like it pronounced "Av-uh-lynn" ("Av" not "Aiv" as in "Ava").
    & also don't want it pronounced like the name "avaline".

    Also is it to closely related to Evelyn & Adalyn? We know people with kids named this & wouldn't want them to think we came up with it from their children's name. Can it stand on its on?

    Does anyone know the popularity of this name? We wanna be safely outside of the "top 100" in the US & don't wanna be closely occasioned with the oh so popular "Ava".

    Lastly how about a good middle name, last name is Young.

    I know, it's alot but i'm very picky because growing up as one of millions of "Ashley's" my childrens names being there own & fairly unique is so important to me!!!

    Thanks in advance for any responses. I love how helpful & open minded everyone on here is!!
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