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    My family surprised me when they said they were dissappointed that we were not considering names that reflected my cultural heritage. I did not expect that at all, because neither my parents nor my siblings have used names from "our side of the world" for their kids, but somehow I was expected to? It was a puzzling but we just ignored it.

    His side of the family took more issue with our chosen surname. I have a hyphenated last name, and my husband was quite receptive to add a part of my name onto his -and viceversa-. His family did not like it when they saw that the kids were going to get one of my last names too. They assumed that we were making a statement just to annoy the world -or them-. We also ignored them.

    The names themselves were very well recieved. With Theo some people expressed relief that he was not going to be a Theodore, and others had to ask "why not Theodore?". Both families were very happy to see Sebastian as middle name, since its a name that comes up both on his side of the family and mine. With Lilia there was no complain whatsoever and mostly praises for recycling grandma's name with a twist.

    As for our current list, we haven't shared it at all yet, most people don't know we are expecting. We will delay sharing the name for a while, until we have settled for one.

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    I had the proudest moment the other day when my sister admitted she was "coming around" to Dougal. I've only loved it for about 7 years, she took her time! The rest of my favourites aren't too out-there really - my mother insists that Elisabet would be far better off as an Elizabeth, but I think that's mostly because of predicted pronunciation/spelling issues. I have not dared to go into middles, however - in my family, surnames are used as middle names, and there has been constant recycling of the same family surnames for the past three generations. Were I to admit that I intend to deviate from this tradition, I'm not sure that my grandmother would let it go unnoticed, let's just put it that way.

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    No kids yet, but I tend to get negative reactions to most of the names I mention because I like names that aren't frequently used in my area (or anywhere.) But then again even when I'm not leaning towards celebrity baby names/something eccentric, I'll still get eye rolls and sighs and "oh no, not this again." The thing people like to do most is either come up with ways they'll be teased as kids over their name, or point out all the negative associations they can possibly think of. As far as I've seen, anyone who really wants to will come up with a way to tease someone about their name, no matter what it is. And the same goes for finding negative associations. Sometimes they'll even point out random facts that don't even seem to be negative, so I'm not really sure why they're pointed out. For example, "Rowan? You mean like the knit and crochet magazine?" Yes mother, is knitting a crime now!?

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    My granddaughter, Adler,usually gets a good reaction from her name. Most people say, wow, thats different and really nice. The biggest thing my daughter has experienced with this name is some people hear 'Heather' when she says it, but thats ok. Adlers little brother Idris is due in four weeks and this name hasnt gotten much love from too many people. Id say the majority cringe and say things like, ''Where do these young people come up with these names now a days"... lol---I love both names---I think my daughter did an awesome job naming her children!

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    My toddler is named Syndil, and I love it. I think most people do once they get used to it, it's very pretty (An alternate spelling is Cindel, in case you are curious about the pronunciation).

    My inlaws didn't like it, and neither did my grandma. They didn't outright say it, but I could see it in their faces and hear it in their "" reactions. I knew it was coming though, so I can't get mad- when you choose a name that is very common you will still find people who don't like it. When you choose an uncommon one, the reactions are even more varied.

    I waited to announce the name until she was born, because before that people always voice their opinions. I've had friends in tears because of the mean things people say trying to change their minds. I didn't want to deal with that. People are usually much more polite once the ink is dry

    I always have to repeat her name a few times to new people. "Cybill?" or "Symbol?" or "Kindle?" if they hear it, "Sydney?" if they read it. But, my name is unusual too (Helena) and so I'm used to it.

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