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    What Reactions Did Your Children's Names Receive?

    I don't have children yet, but I have spoken about names I plan to use with family and mostly get the "That's nice." with raised eyebrows. My poor children are going to have names like Alaric and Rosemary.

    I'm curious about the bad and good reactions from family and friends when your children's names were announced.

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    Thoughts in this thread?

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    I don't have any children, but since my taste runs toward the more unusual, I've been sort of prepping my family by telling them the most extreme names on my list. That way, when I eventually pick something sorta weird, they'll be so relieved that it's not over-the-top, insanely weird that they won't make a fuss. Or so I hope.
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    I don't have a kids yet, but every time I've told someone our chosen boy name, they really like it. Haven't met one that has an objection! And I've told my parents, friends, and some coworkers, about 12 people total. With girls, we haven't settled yet so we'll see
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    I don't have children (and won't be having any for a while), but I do have a name book with my fave combos, and names. I actually showed it to some of my friends (only about 5), and surprisingly, only got one "But your 15!" but mostly "Let me see it!.

    Anyway, I got a bit of a raised eyebrow for Caesura (a word we learnt in English), one of my friends went crazy over Kai, but that's because she's one of the members of her favourite band is called Kai. The worst reaction was probably for Lorenzo, when another friend said "Don't call your kid Lorenzo, he'll get teased", and when friend-who-freaked-over- Kai, and I, asked why (XD), her reply was "He just will". Not particularly helpful. It actually made me laugh, because the very first combo in the boys section was Caspian Sherlock Edmund, and she had no comment on that! I'm done rambling now. :P
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    My partner told his family the names we had chosen for our unborn baby, got negative reactions for both the boy and girl's name - I was really annoyed, tbh I think some people's reactions are just plain rude. We had a beautiful baby girl and used the name (with absolutely no regrets) that they made negative comments about....but quite frankly I really dislike their children's names, I'm just not rude enough to say so.

    We will be ttc next month and this time around I don't want to share any potential names.

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