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    Name for girl character

    Genre of Story: Young Adult

    Time Period/Location: Modern day Texas

    Brief Plot: The story basically follows a teenage girl (Albertina) as she grows up

    Character Description: She's very short (5 ft), has long golden hair, blue eyes, very bubbly and happy, she loves writing, poetry, and baking. Wears glasses and is a very feminine sunshine girl. She's 17.

    Who named the character: Her parents (middle class, normal people)

    Already Considered: Emma, Louise, Clara, Poppy (not sold on any of these)

    Anything else: Still deciding on her last name, but it may be Abbott, Brecken, or Ellery. Not the main character, but still important.

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    Many of the students I've had from Texas have had slightly unusual names, often for Texas towns.
    What about Layne or Tyler?

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    Favorite Girl Names: Adelaide, Amelia, Catherine, Delaney, Hayleigh, Juliette, Kaylen, Kelsey, Mallory, Natalie, Norah, Sienna, Tallulah, Tatiana, Victoria, Violet, Zorah, Zoe

    Favorite Boy Names: Alexander, Benjamin, Connor, Dylan, Ethan, Gabriel, Gerard, Hayden, James, Jason, Jordan, Nathaniel, Noel, Theodore, Timothy, William, Zachary

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    I imagine a young Texas miss as a Felice, Ree or Carmen.

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