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    Ralph & Alice
    ~ Ladybug Camille & Larkspur Morgan
    ~ Bee Maxime
    ~ Jonquil Bennet
    ~ Cricket Noël & Cicada Lux
    ~ Hawthorn Valentine

    Gianmattia and Sofia are an Italian couple living in London. They already have a daughter, Emma May Federica. They are having quadruplets, two boys and one girl. They want their kids to have an Italian first name that is also used in English; a trendy English first middle name; and a very Italian second middle name.
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    Arabella, Thibault, Sophia, Alfred, Eleanor, Rémi, Charlotte, Achille, Olivia, Clement, Elizabeth, Frederick, Maud, Benedict, Adèle.

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    I'm going to assume that was meant to be [B]three[B] boys one girl

    Matteo Rupert Giovanni
    Rocco Jasper Salvatore
    Luca Alfie Vincenzio
    Stella Poppy Fiammetta

    Lucy and Adam Wilbrook have six daughters, all of whom share their name with a famous architect/engineer/pilot (etc- can be anything along those lines) and their middle names are either flowers or virtue names.

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    Ada Marguerite Wilbrook (Lovelace, mathematician)
    Rosalind Ivy Wilbrook (Franklin, DNA)
    Jacqueline Rose Wilbrook (Cochran, pilot)
    Clara Felicity Wilbrook / Florence Charity Wilbrook (Barton & Nightingale, nurse)
    Amelia Violet Wilbrook (Earhart, pilot)

    Benjamin and Caitlin McLendon are living in Edinburgh, Scotland with Caitlin's young daughters Vivienne and Brigitte Burgess (deceased husband Alastair). They need to name their upcoming twin boys, and want to accommodate Ben's love of classic British literature (Dickens, Waugh, etc.) as well as Caitlin's vintage 1930s and 1940s flair. Above all they want them to complement but not match their older sisters' style.

    Just in case, they'd also like to pick out an extra boy's name and a girl's name that fit the same criteria, in case one doesn't fit the baby, or the genders were mistaken.
    Combo Ideas
    Cecilia Robin / Adelaide Jane / Damian Alastair / Ralph Benedict
    Georgia Beatrice Helene / Harrison Blake Alastair
    Della Lucy Marguerite / Rufus Charles Oberon
    Celeste Ruby Margaret / Eugene Henry Fitzgerald

    "Dispute not with her; she is lunatic."
    -Richard III, William Shakespeare

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    DS/DS: Maurice Orlando McLendon & Sebastian Pip McLendon (Maurice, Orlando; Brideshead Revisited, Great Expectations)

    DS: Edward Lemuel McLendon (Jane Eyre; Gulliver's Travels)
    DD: Elinor Lucie McLendon (Sense & Sensibility, Tale of Two Cities)

    Henrik and Carys have four girls and two boys. The girls, two of them twins, are named after flowers from Carys's wedding bouquet. The boys on the other hand are named after famous knights. All children have two middle names. The first middle is four letters long and the second is unusual, beginning with B.
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    Calla Evie Boheme
    Peony Anne Berlin
    Galahad John Baxter
    Arthur Axel Banjo

    Maggie and Phil Emerson have seven children (five boys and twin girls). All their first names are words or place that have almost never been used as names for people. Their first middle names are all long and regal-sounding, and their second middle names are shorter and commonly used as "filler" names.

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