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    Midwestern USA
    Max & Emma

    DD: Charlotte Jezebel
    DD: Eleanor Jinx
    DS: Theodore Castiel
    DS: William Gabriel
    DS: John Uriel
    DS: Benjamin Michael
    DD: Clarissa Harley
    DD: Samantha Blaze
    DS: Henry Bartholomew

    Albert and Clementine Jones have six children, 3 boys & 3 girls. All the boys have names that end in -bert. All the girls have names that end in -tine. Middle names go in alphabetical order using all the vowels & the letter Y. If you can make all the middles relate to nature... you're awesome!

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    Christine Azalea
    Albert Everest
    Martine Ivy
    Hubert Orchard
    Justine Ume
    Robert Yew

    Priya & Abhay have 4 children, 3 boys and 1 girl. All of the kids have Hindu first and middle names. Their first names must start with A, B, C, and D in alphabetical order. The middle names must start with A, B, C, & D in reverse alphabetical order.

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    DD: Aja Daru
    DS: Balin Chandra
    DS: Charaka Beeja
    DS: Dhani Arjun

    Samuel and Sophie have five daughters. Their first names must come from Disney movies, and their middles must start with S. Both names must be in alphabetical order i.e. for boys do: Aladdin Sacha, Flynn Sparrow, Pascal Sunny & Sebastian Sydney

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    Arielle Sadie
    Hannah Samara
    Belle Savannah
    Gabrielle Story
    Vanessa Sybil

    Axel and Tessa have twin boys, twin girls, and quadruplets (B/G/G/B). The twin boys names must have to do with automotives (first) and felines (middle). The twin girls first names must start with "T" and end with "A", and their middle names need to start with "A" and end with "L". The quadruplets names must be 2 syllables and have the initials AT.

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    B/B - Martin Jaguar and Cooper Lion
    G/G - Tia Amabel and Tarsha Ariel
    B/G/G/B - Aaron Thomas, Alla Theoni, Ava Tiffany and Arthur Travis

    Max and Louise have 4 children - 3 girls and a boy. The three girls names must by at least 3 syllables and start with L, and the boys must be 2 syllables and start with M. Louise is of Chinese heritage, so she wants each of her children's middle names to be Chinese.

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