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    Thanks everyone! How would you feel if Ansel was a girl? (A way to honor my grandmother, Ann). We don't know what we are having, but if one of them is a boy it will be Viggo and now we're thinking Ansel could be girl or boy.

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    I think they work well together! Some other ideas

    Viggo and Stellan
    Viggo and Atlas
    Viggo and Xander
    Viggo and Macsen / Maxen
    Viggo and Hector
    Viggo and Gustav (nn Gus)
    Viggo and Torin/ Thoren/ Theron

    Just saw your previous post.... hmm Ansel for a girl. I suppose it could work, but there are so many girl Ann names to choose from:
    Annora, Annika, Antonia, Anya, Anouk
    Calla Frances | Eliza Wren | Esme Clover | Liv Cordelia | Maisie Elowen | Matilda Hazel | Phoebe Kerensa | Sylvie Marigold | Thea Rosemary | Zara Emmeline
    Amias Jude | Callum Jasper | Cato Benjamin | Emmett Wilder | Griffin Emrys | Lucian Mateo | Milo Sebastian | Nathaniel Winter | Quentin Rafferty | Theo Francis Wolf

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    My first thought was Viggo & Axel! Both are royal/traditional Scandinavian names that work well in English. More ideas: Viggo and Magnus, Viggo and Gustav, and Viggo and Leif.

    I'd prefer Anselm to Ansel, to keep the European/Scandinavian feel, but I like them together.
    I do think it would be very strange to use such masculine name on a girl, especially when you are using a very classic masculine name like Viggo. Everyone would assume Viggo and Ansel were brothers. Spelling it Anselle or Ansella would be better, in my opinion, but I still think it doesn't go well with Viggo.

    There are litererally thousands of ways to honour a Ann without using a masculine name:
    Viggo & Anselma
    Viggo & Annabel / Annabelle / Annabella
    Viggo & Anastasia
    Viggo & Anke
    Viggo & Anna
    Viggo & Anneliese
    Viggo & Annelie
    Viggo & Annika
    Viggo & Annora
    Viggo & Ansa
    Viggo & Anthea
    Viggo & Antonia
    Viggo & Anouk
    Viggo & Anya
    Viggo & Anwen
    Viggo & Annis
    Viggo & Arianne
    Viggo & Johanna
    Viggo & Roxanne
    Viggo & Susanne
    Viggo & Hanna / Hannah
    Viggo & Hannelore
    Viggo & Marianne
    Viggo & Grace (Ann/Hannah means "grace" in Hebrew)
    Arabella, Thibault, Sophia, Alfred, Eleanor, Rémi, Charlotte, Achille, Olivia, Clement, Elizabeth, Frederick, Maud, Benedict, Adèle.

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    If anyone saw Viggo and Ansel written out, they would more than likely think they were two brothers. Ansel is also very similar to the boys names of Anselm and Hansel. Personally, there are so many other feminine options to honour an Ann (sugarplumfairy gave some wonderful suggestions in her post) that I wouldn't advise you to choose Ansel for the girl twin. Viggo and Ansel would definitely work for twin boys.
    All the best,

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    I agree there would be gender confusion with Ansel as a girl. I would assume Ansel is a boy's name, but you say you want to use the nickname Ann or as just an honor? Viggo and Ann work, although I think Viggo and Annika work better as the gender is clear for the girl. I think Viggo & Anneliese is actually my favorite pairing though. Anneliese is feminine without being too frilly, if that's why you wanted to use Ansel.

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