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    Conceptually, I don't see how it would be different from Lily or Clementine but somehow it is. I think it is in the sounds. Clementine has similar sound to Caroline or Madeline so it sounds like a name. Lily has just been in use for forever as a name and it's sound is similar to other names like Billy, Gilly, Millie, Callie, Hallie etc...I can't think of any names remotely like Apple. Not that I really have a problem with it as a name, it just seems odd to me even still.

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    I love Apple, actually! There's something really attractive about it to me. I wouldn't use it, but I do love it! I can't think of a single excuse why not to use it, although it's not really my style so I probably wouldn't. I think Apple is really fun, though, and is fun to say. It doesn't sound cutesy or awkward to me at all, but maybe that's just me. I love the idea of Apollonia or something, nn Apple. It's really fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nymphalis antiopa View Post
    Note: I am not considering Apple for future use. This post is stictly hypothetical. Sorry, thought I had to say that since I do like some weird ones.

    That being said, I do have to question the ridiculousness of using it on a child. Is it really any different than Clementine (which I love), Daisy (equally as cutesy in my opinion), or Lily (see Daisy) - or any other botanical name for that matter - being a given name? I agree tha Gwenyth Paltrow's using it in pairing with the surname Martin is a bit funky and she will surely be called Apple Martini at some point in her life, but laughable combonations aside, do you feel that Apple is usable to the right person or utterly ridiculous?

    As far as Apple is in relation to Clementine, Lily and Daisy - it isn't a matter of being cutesy what so ever. It's the fact that Lily, Clementine and Daisy have a history and usage as actual, common, legal given names. Apple is strongly associated with a multi trillion dollar company that manufactures electronics.

    Apple has a very, very, very small amount of usage - not even enough to ever have cracked a top 1000 list in any country.
    Daisy is/has been incredibly popular in the United Kingdom and Ireland for over a decade, and has strong literary connections (The Great Gatsby springs to mind).
    Lily has been internationally been popular for a large number of years, and also has other non-plant connections.
    Clementine has a lot of history, as well as a popular, well known folk song to draw away from the botanical connection.

    Comparing how Lily and Daisy and even Clementine are acceptable to how Apple is acceptable is like comparing the name Natalie to Nevaeh. It just isn't a logical, fair comparison. Yes, it's botanical, but there are some botanical names that don't work for children - for example, Wolfsbane.

    Would you go as far as naming my child after a plant with this description?

    "All parts are poisonous. The poison is an alkaloid called aconitine, which disables nerves, lowers blood pressure, and can stop the heart. Even casual skin contact should be avoided; symptoms include numbness, tingling, and cardiac irregularity. It has been used as poison for bullets (by Germany in WWII), as a bait and arrow poison (ancient Greece), and to poison water supplies (reports from ancient Asia). If ingested, it usually causes burning, tingling, and numbness in the mouth, followed by vomiting and nervous excitement. It is usually a quick-acting poison. Used in the past for killing wolves (hence one of the common names)."
    Hmm, used as poison for bullets by Hitler.....perhaps not.

    I'm sorry for all the sarcasm, but I am getting really annoyed by these somewhat silly comparisons. Just because Lily and Apple are plant names doesn't mean they are/should be viewed in the same way. It's like viewing Heaven and India as equals because they are both places.
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    Quote Originally Posted by isolieth View Post
    I wouldn't use Apple (but I like Pomeline) and I agree with everything you wrote. Here are the possible reasons I can come up with that so many people had a "what the HECK" reaction to Apple:

    I think a huge part of it is just that it doesn't have a history of use as a human name. Simple as. Some botanical names do, others don't.

    Of course, some botanical names with no use history wouldn't be considered ridiculous. I think there are a few factors at play. One is "namishness" - some plant names sound more like typical human names. That's why moving Aspen and Magnolia into the name category is considered normal, but maybe not Oak or Dandelion.

    The other is that we tend not to use food words as names in English too often. Candy and Olive aside, you don't meet people named Grape or Tomato or Lettuce.
    The food names we do use, like Clementine or Madeleine, usually are not named AFTER the food. Clementine is the female version of the name Clement - so, related to the words clemency and mercy, versus Apple which is just.. Apple.

    None of those reasons are too compelling and the namishness of Apple is high enough that I think it could conceivably work on the right kid - it sounds better that Grape or Pear. Plus Apples have such a wholesome, clean-scrubbed, sunshiny image.

    This exactly! Ooh, and how about Mirabelle as a food name?

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