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    Thank you for the suggestions mickie9!

    Elijah Alderic/Aldrich - The sounds are two similar to Alaric.
    Elijah Amaury - I don't like the look or sound of Amaury.
    Elijah Atticus - Atticus is one of those names I want to like because of it unusualness and literature background, but the sound is so unappealing to me.
    Elijah Benjamin - I like Benjamin for someone else.
    Elijah Benedict - Looks nice, but I don't like Benedict.
    Elijah Bennett - I like this. Bennett is a family name and I didn't even think about it.
    Elijah Broderick - I'm not a fan of Broderick.
    Elijah Clement - I prefer the feminine variant Clementine.
    Elijah Damien - Bad news: Doesn't have the best flow. Good news: Adding Damian/Damien to my list for first names.
    Elijah Frederick - I don't like Frederick.
    Elijah Loic - Loic is definitely interesting, but I'm not a fan.
    Elijah Mathis - I don't like the sound and too close to Matthew.
    Elijah Niklaus/Nikolas - I absolutely love Nikaus, but this is too much of The Originals. I also have Caroline and Alaric in the my top ten. I think a distinctive name like Niklaus would sound too fan girly.

    While you did pick names in the style I want I'm sadly not a fan of most of them. I'm looking for names that are slightly familiar, but also uncommon like Alaric and Conrad.

    Thank you for the suggestions klemley18.
    Elijah David - David is a variant of a family members name. I'm also not fan of the name.
    Elijah Caleb - I don't like the flow or Caleb.
    Elijah Matthew - I already used Matthew in a combination
    Elijah Abram - I don't like Abram
    Elijah Gabriel - My sisters middle is Gabrielle.
    Elijah Jared - I really like Jared, but not with Elijah.
    Elijah Lucas - I'm not a fan of Lucas.
    Elijah Samuel - This is another name where I absolutely love the nickname, but I don't like the full name. I wish I could make myself love it.

    Thank you for the suggestions babypower!
    Elijah James was actually one of my early early combinations,but I wasn't comfortable with the back to back J sounds even though the sound different.

    Elijah Grey - Grey is just a color to me.
    Elijah Jude - I like Jude, but the combination doesn't pop for me.
    Elijah Joel - I don't like the sound of Joel.
    Elijah Ross - I'm not of fan of Ross.
    Elijah Xavier - I don't like the sound of Xavier.
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    Thoughts in this thread?

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