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    Thanks for the summary leadmythoughts! So glad it worked for you. Ill be sure to keep it in the back of my mind if I need it when he is a little older!

    Quick update-

    Good news and bad news. Jem is in a great night time routine! The past few nights He goes to bed around 8 and then sleeps a full 6 hours! The problem is that that puts us to around 2am. He eats, and then instead of going right back to sleep like usual, he is awake or in and out of sleep at best until 5ish. I thought I'd be more rested when he started sleeping longer, but instead I am more tired! My husband actually stayed home today because I couldn't function! I don't know what to do to send the message across that it is still night time! He falls asleep in bed with me when I feed him. Usually my husband just picks him up and puts him in bassinet and he goes back to sleep, or is up for a bit in his bassinet and then falls asleep himself. But now when we put him down he fusses and is wide awake. I tried letting him sleep in bed with me for a bit before putting him down, but every few minutes he grunts and groans and wakes up, then falls asleep again. This kept me up for hours last night while I was waiting for him to really fall asleep to transfer him. Never happened! We tried putting him down and he was wide awake. He ended up sleeping on my husbands chest the rest of the morning, and was still restless. Any ideas why he is so overly restless and won't sleep all of a sudden? Could it be because of his longer sleeping stretch?

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    I don't know if I should wake him around 10 or 11 for a dream feed and interrupt his 6 hour cycle and hope he switches his 6 hours from 8-2 to 11-5? It seems a little counterproductive to interrupt his natural rhythm? I mean, all by himself he stitched together two sleep cycles- that's exciting! I don't want to mess with it!

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    It does sound crazy and counterproductive to wake up him- but it works. Give it a try, I have my fingers crossed that it will work for you and little Jem!

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    Frustrating, I'm sorry, but it is great that he's sleeping so long. The problem of course is that it doesn't coincide with *your* adult circadian rhythms, which is why you feel so tired!

    Can you keep him up a bit longer, so he falls asleep past 8?
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    You could dream nurse him (recommended by The Sleep Lady) to see if that helps.

    If it doesn't, you could try giving him a late nap (from 7-8 or even later) then waking him til 10, 12, whatever works for you, and having him sleep 12-6 or so, then napping with him once in the daytime.
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