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    I think Ira is one of those vintage names that sounds fresh, new and even a bit hipster/trendy. I love it! I think it's a keeper for your list.

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    I think of the girls' name Eira (I know it's actually said AY-rah, but it's often pronounced EYE-rah even by Welsh people).

    I really quite like Ira though. I also love Ivo right now. Other Ezra alternatives you might like: Enzo, Theo, Amos?
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    I don't think it sounds to vintage or dated but that's my style and I live in an area where "hipster" names are popular. If you live in an area where surname names are the thing it might not fit as well in the classroom but it is Biblical, so that may offset that. If people are unfamiliar with it as a name the downsides are IRA as the Individual Retirement Account or Irish Republican Army and some people who think that only girls' names end in an a.

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    I think Ira could definitely work. You make very valid points, and if you like Ira, use it.

    Ira just isn't my style. It doesn't sound very appealing.

    Shame on your uncle for using Ezri...
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    I love it in two different formats I love Hebrew boy Ira and Finnish girl Aira. I couldn't have both though, so at some point I'll have to choose between them.

    The IRA thing doesn't bother me because 'eye-ra' and 'eye-are-ay' sound different.
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