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    I think one of the best named characters of all time is Hermione Granger. It just suits her. I don't know if I would use it on a real person, but it's definitely a great name.

    For boys, it's Darcy all the way. But I'm afraid it's too girly? (It's all boy to me...who could call Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy girly?)

    Almost forgot my other Austen GP: Willoughby.
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    Names that have characters attached to them (not all the characters are good, but their names are):
    Drake and Astrid and Sam and Peter and Cain and Diana and Gaia (Gone) (Michael Grant can really names those characters, LOL)
    Bellatrix and Harry (HP)
    Dean and Caroline and Batiste and Chloe and ANOTHER Astrid and Ulysses (Monument 14)
    Kai (Matched) (it was Ky in the book, though)
    Jamie (I Funny)
    Augustus and Hazel (TFIOS)
    Othello (never read it, but the name's awesome)
    Winter (Leven Thumps series)
    Primrose and Cressida (THG)
    Jonas and Gabriel (The Giver)
    Finn (Incarceron)

    And a whole lot more..........

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    I fell in love with Matilda while reading Mister Pip by Lloyd Jones. My favorite character name would be Lysander Sage from the Charlie Bone series. I read the series when I was 12 (ten years ago) and the name has stuck with me!

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    @rachelane27, I like Lysander because of the Charlie Bone books as well, especially because my mum read them to me.
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    Are we talking only about literature? Because if we're including television & movies I have heaps - Azula (of coure), Zuko, Inara, Jayne, Xander, Anya, Fezzik, Fletcher, Kingsley, Cedric, Holden, Ender, Petra, Valentine, Canaan, Lyra, Violet, Veruca, Charlie, Peregrine, Meriadoc, Danaerys, Morgaine, Vivienne, the list goes on & on...
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