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    bad bad baby names of 2013

    I've linked to this blog i found before, but i checked it on a whim today and there's a new installment of bad baby names! This girl goes through her local birth announcements every year to pick out the worst ones!

    Check it out here (LINK)

    Personally, i think Mageigh (pronounced "Maggie," i can only assume) is vying for the worst, but there are quite a few to choose from.
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    I hope to be a mom one day. For now I enjoy being a name lover.

    My apologies for any typos; i post from my mobile phone.

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    The good: Carter, Hudson, Grace, Ava, Violet Julia, Lucas William, Mark

    The meh: Myla, Emiley, Kaelyn, Ryker, Boston, Brooklyn, Capri, Harper, Tate, Andrea, Heidi, Caleb

    The bad: Maylie, Camri, Brinley, Bailee, Myah, Lyncoln Crue, Dyllen, Korbin, Khloe, Kalla, Kaiya, Londyn, Houston, Jersey

    The absolutely horrendously horrid:

    Timbree, Brynlee, Jaxon, Hensley, Tavin, Taybrie, Harleigh, Eastyn, Maivyn, Colter Ridge, Diezel, Addilyn Kendul (what?!), Linzee, Saydee Lyn Marrie, Aspyn, Kache, Kason/Kayson/Kayson Kolt, Kynzlie, Keston Glayde, Khenna, Kellon, Kyler, Kylen, Ezralynn, Reeselynn, Finlee, Indee, Oakleigh, Berkleigh, Diessel, Nixxon, Jaxx, Benelli, Paisyn, Racyn, Burkleigh, Stockton, Ramzi, Kru, Zen, MaCall, Lakoda, Riddick, Roywn, McKartni Grayce, Justyce Cozy, Mageigh, Roper, Jagur, McCarty, Aspyne, Gus, Lee, Coon, Parley Smith, Koraline, David(on a girl), Dorothee, Cook.

    I broke up some of the combinations if there was a salvageable name in them/name that fit into a different category.

    desirae alyssa ✿ stephanie abigail ✿ melissa jayde ✿ tiffany isabella ✿ lindsey olivia ✿ heather amelia ✿ shayla lily ✿ kelly christina
    aaron jacob ✿ michael james ✿ andrew lucas ✿ jake william ✿ chandler robert ✿ adam hunter ✿ matthew parker ✿ zachary daniel

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    My own horrible name spot of the month: Haydley Maeigh. Yes, that is the spelling used.

    Honestly, all I see are bales of hay. And all the kreatif spellings ...

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    Good for a laugh , but oh those poor kids!

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