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    Naming my daughter after my sister?

    My sister's name is Antoinette and I have always loved the name and my husband also loves it. She has never been called Antoinette, not even when we were younger and our parents were mad, she has always been Annie (feel a bit sorry for my mum, she named all of my sisters beautiful French names and they each ended up with very English nicknames). She has occasionally been called Net but she doesn't answer to it as she always says her name is Annie - even in school she was on the registers as Annie.

    If we were going to use it (my sister has said she would love to have a niece named after her so she is on board) we would be nicknaming her Nettie (I know in some parts of Britain Nettie is another word for a toilet but that doesn't really concern us as it's not a slang word in far as we know) or just calling her by her full name. (We don't really nickname our eldest daughter, she occasionally gets called Cress or Cressie).

    I'm just wondering what people think to naming a child something to somebody who is so closely related. I don't think there would ever be any mix up at family gatherings.
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    I say go for it! No one involved has a problem with it and you know your sister will always be called Annie. Antoinette is cool and Nettie is cute. Good luck!

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    I don't personally like Antoinette, but it's a nice match with Cressida. It's still a fairly lovely link to your sister, if you're both fine with that (not sure how I'd feel naming my daughter Georgia, or having a niece named Olivia) and since they'd have different nicknames I don't see any huge problem logistically.

    My first thought was Marie Antoinette, as in the movie, and obviously the queen herself too... the movie makes me *sort* of like it a bit more (Sofia Coppola's films do that to me!) but it just feels incredibly heavy and frilly, I'm not sure how I'd feel about having it as my name.

    Nettie is cute, but I just think of it's slang meaning. Which part of Scotland are you in, because I'm fairly sure netty was widely used there too... at least on the borders (netty is a geordie word, still used up North!). Maybe I'm thinking of lavvy? Something my elderly Scottish relatives still use, haha. I guess it's not an issue at all if you've never heard it used. One thing I did think, though, was that it reminds me of the French verb nettoyer... if your family are French speakers that could be a whole different issue.
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    I love it! It is a beautiful name and it sounds like your sister will be thrilled. I don't think it will be confusing at all, since your sister goes by Annie and you are not planning to call your daughter Annie.

    I have never heard of that slang, but I am not in Scotland. Maybe just think of an alternative to Nettie as a nickname in case it is a problem down the line? Going by her full name is good plan, too.

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