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    Controversial religious question

    I was talking to my parents about names for the baby I am expecting.
    When I mentioned Isaac my dad said "That's a Jewish name".
    Honestly, I don't even know anyone who is Jewish so it certainly never occurred to me that it might be perceived as from a particular religion. Mum corrected him and said "It's Old Testament not necessarily Jewish. Lot's of Old Testament names are popular these days."

    If a child was called Isaac would people assume they were Jewish?
    If that is the case, does that mean I shouldn't use it if we're not Jewish?

    I just liked the sound of it, so this whole religious debate from my parents has confused me.
    It is not my intention to be disrespectful or rude.
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    Isaac is a Biblical name, not necessarily a Jewish name. I really don't think people would expect you to be Jewish. In Australia, where I'm from, Biblical names are extremely popular for everyone, not just for religious people
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    Go ahead keep loving Isaac. Your mother is right it is a classic Old Testament name and well loved by many in the British Isles and beyond and one doesn't have to have a religious affiliation to use the name Isaac.

    Isaac means laughter and I think that is a great meaning. I like it a lot and am surprised that there aren't more Isaacs around.

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    It's not disrespectful. It's fine if you like it. I'm Jewish, I know lots of Jewish guys named Isaac, (it *is* a very classic name amongst Jews) I also know Isaacs who aren't.

    The only thing is if you're worried about people assuming your son is Jewish when they see resumes and such when he's grown. That's a decision you'll have to make re: possible discrimination or preconceptions.

    But I will say most of the anti-Semitic flak I've heard people get, or have gotten myself, is about *last* names.

    Biblical names are more fashionable in the mainstream than they were a hundred years ago, or even fifty, anyway. 43 of the Top Hundred names in the US are Biblical names - only 16 were in 1914.

    If you used the Hebrew spelling (Yitzhak) then I'd assume you were probably Jewish, but there are definitely non-Jewish Isaacs around in the US, UK, and Oz.

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    Your Mum is right.
    Don't let your parents religious debate sway your thoughts on Isaac, it's a lovely name.
    I have only met non-Jewish Isaacs (Australia) , from your spelling of 'Mum' is it right to assume you are from UK or Oz?
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