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    I really need some baby name help!!!

    My husband and I cannot agree on any names for our sweet baby girl. She isn't arriving until August but being the name nerd and planner that I am I would love to have at least a few options on the table.

    The only names he has even mentioned kind of liking are Claire and Felicity. My main problem with these is that there are no obvious nickname options. I would really like something with at least one other choice. I have a non-nickname name myself and growing up it kind of drove me crazy because then people tend to make up things that are less than desirable.

    My favorite name is Vivienne but he thinks it sounds too old lady

    Some other names I like are Linnea, Ravenna, Eliza, Gwyneth, Scarlett, Cecelia, Finola, Colette, Eliza, Blythe. He isn't really fond of any of these names either. I just want to find something we both love and are crazy about!

    We do not want a name that begins with "E" because both of ours do...and nothing that begins with "B" or "D" because of big brother and our last name.

    Thank you so much!!!

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