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    I immediately think 'Gone With the Wind' when I hear the name Rhett. I love the association! I also like the southern feel of the name and disagree with the previous posters that it's not a standalone name.
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    I don't like it much. It sounds too harsh to me and too similar to fret and regret. Also feels very American imo. I really like Everett though

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    Thank you all for your opinions. I am still unsure where I stand with the name. I do love the suggestions of Everett "Rhett".

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    I love Rhett! I think it is a fabulous name; I find it classically modern. I knew a verrrryyy handsome, 20-something Rhett too, so that association always helps :-p
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    I love Rhett so much. Rhett is very simple, but it also sounds very firm and strong. I really have a sweet spot for southern names, and Rhett is no exception. I like it better as a stand alone name, personally! At the same time, if I was ever to use it, Rhett would probably be a middle name.
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