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    Talk to me about Marissa.

    Marissa is the newest name on my mind. I pronounce it mə-RIS-ə, not mah-REE-sah (I prefer the spelling Marisa but want to avoid this pronunciation).

    According to the SSA site, it's losing popularity. It was #78 in 2000 and #320 in 2012. Marissa originally entered the top 1000 in 1963 at #988 and peaked at #53 in both 1993 and 1994. Do you consider it to be dated?

    Just for fun, what would you name a brother and sister to Marissa?
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    I went to school with soo many Marissa's... I would consider it dated. I've never really liked the hissing sound of the ss in the name. Anyways, as for siblings, maybe... Ashley, Megan, and Michelle for girls... Andrew, Michael, Josh for boys? (Sibsets are really overrated in a way anyways... As long as you're not naming her sister Maria, you're fine.)

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    I know two Marissa's. One is 20, one is 9. I for some reason think of it as "dated" but I a not sure why.
    The Marissa I know is a part of a sibset: Max, Andrew and Stephanie.

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    It feels dated to me but somehow was under-the-radar enough (despite a high popularity peak) that it's never a name that people bring up as a quintessential 80s/90s name. I think it's the -issa thing - very common in the mid 80s through mid 90s.

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    I do think Marisa seems a bit 80s, but I still like it.

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