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    Agree I don't think it's old, and can definitely see the 'clunky name on the chic model'...
    My horseback riding trainer has a dog she named Gertrude/gertie and it suits her, and she's definitely not an old lady dog (rambunctious German Shepherd).

    The name that outside of nameberry (you know, that place they call the real world) gets so much flak for being "old" which I JUST don't understand/see is Hazel. Never met an old lady with the name, and I think it's quite funky, vivacious but without being stuffy. But anyone over the age of, eh, 35 that hears it is adamantly against the name. Bizarre.

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    The elderly Gertrude's I've known all went by Trudy.

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    I know an older lady named's a positive association, but I still wouldn't condemn a child to carry the name. Gertie is cute, but Trudie is so bad I'd have trouble taking the parents seriously. Something fresher for a child!

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    Not keen on it at all, sorry. It does seem far too crusty and clunky for me. I'm not fond of Gertrude in Hamlet either which was my first association, she's too passive. Julie Christie playing Gertrude wore the name well though. And I feel like a gorgeous blonde 6-foot Scandinavian model (or whatever, that type of person) could wear any name, no matter how ridiculous.

    (Haley, you're 5'11? I'm majorly jealous, I'm a teeny tiny barely 5'1. One of the shortest people I know and a lot of my sister's friends were taller than me since they were 13 and I was 16. I always wish I was taller *sigh* and most clothes look nicer on taller people too... okay sorry rant over)
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    I wouldn't probably use in real life, but Gertie, and even names like Aggie are so cute in a clunky sort of way!
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