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    Broden for a Boy Name

    Have not found out what I am having yet but am one of those people that like to have my names picked out ahead of time before the baby is here. I am thinking of the name Broden for a boy. I think it sounds strong and manly and can use the name Brody for a nickname growing up but if he wants Broden would grow with him when he becomes a man. What do you guys think of the name?

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    We've considered this name for our list too. I like it, but part of me feels like it sounds like a made up name which also puts me off.

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    Broden means "ditch". The meaning is strike one. Then it's a toss-up whether it's pronounced "bro-den" or "broad-en". Strike Two. I would advise you to beware of names that begin with "Br". They're all the rage for both genders and for the most part I find them unattractive and ubertrendy. A Broden would have plenty of company in the schoolyard with friends called Brayden, Brogan, Branson, Breckin, Bronson, Brighton, Britton, Bryson, Braxton, Braylynn and the list goes on. They all start to sound the same after awhile. Strike Three and Broden's out.
    All the best,

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    What about Boden? Nickname Bode/Bodie? (How does Bode Miller spell his name anyways??) I know Boden is a clothing company (with quite cute clothes, at that!) so that may put you off.

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    Stick to Brody.

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