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    A Rainbow of Names! Six Characters Whose Names Evoke Colors

    So I'm playing around with a new idea, not too committed to it yet but interested. I want to start brainstorming names mostly for the sake of storyboarding and starting to build it.

    Genre of Story: Survival Drama
    Time Period/Location: Modern-Day Yosemite/Sierras/California Coast
    Brief Plot: A group of 6 friends decide to go on a camping and rock climbing trip. During the trip, several things go wrong, some by chance and some by poor decision making, leaving the six of them struggling for survival amongst gradually fracturing relationships.

    I need names for all six charachters, whose personalities are going to be based on colors, in so much as a Chakras sort of way (the traditional chakra meanings influence their personlities, and therefore their decisions, weaknesses, and histories). I want the names to evoke the colors they represent, but it doesn't have to be literal. Lasts or middles will probably be the most obvious references.

    Character Description: Red character, a woman in her mid-twenties, a passionate, aggressive, strong woman. Red hair and freckles. Deep desire to be loved and to love.
    Already Considered: Rowan, Ginger, Ruby, Gemma, Ashley
    Anything else?: In a relationship with Purple, but currently on the rocks, racked with insecurities. Feels neglected as Purple often chooses work or friends over spending time with her.

    Characted Description: Orange, a man in his early 30s, creative and confident thinker, known for his courage and friendliness. Military experience makes him one of the more capable outdoorsmen. Blonde hair, fit.
    Already Considered: Sean, Mac
    Anything else?: Iraq War veteran with PTSD (generally 'under control'), who is recovering from a bad breakup.

    Characted Description: Yellow, man in his early-mid 20s, a consistent optimist, cheerful, and intellectual. High energy level that often exceeds the others, much to their annoyance. High level ADHD and infectious enthusiasm. Light blonde hair and light blue eyes.
    Already Considered: Alex
    Anything else? Youngest and most naive in the group. On the verge of graduating college and entering the workforce, and a closeted bisexual with conservative religious parents.

    Characted Description: Green, woman in her mid twenties, a hippie with a deep connection to nature. Has some of the strongest outdoors skills but is consistently underestimated because she is a woman. Brown hair, hazel eyes.
    Anything else?: In long-term relationship with Blue, currently pregnant, early along and hiding it from the others. Should have a very nature-oriented name.

    Characted Description: Blue character, a man in his mid-twenties, sincere, usually tranquil (until pushed), loyal. Highly logical and often appears cold. History of depression. Brown hair, brown eyes, olive skin.
    Already Considered: Cyan, Cerulean. I've seen a lot of 'blue' names and none I really like.
    Anything else?: In LTR with Green, who is pregnant. Racked with anxiety about Green's dysfunctional family or abusive ex potentially trying to visit the baby.

    Characted Description: Purple, a man in his late 20s, ambitious, prideful and all about appearances. Highly concerned with dignity and driven by money and luxury. Blue eyes, brown hair.
    Already Considered: Jared, Jeff, Victor
    Anything else?: In relationship with Red, but relationship is cracking under the pressure of Red's desire to get married and his own workaholism.

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