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    Great list!! We are likely naming our second daughter Audrey (due in several weeks) so of course I'm keen on that name! Despite this I love, love love Isla! Before we found out we were having a girl this was probably my top name. For some reason though Audrey seems more like "the one" for us, not sure why! I also really like Aria! Have you discussed Emiliana nn Emmy? I know Emmy has been used as a full name in the past but I can understand your hesitation.

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    You guys seem to really like Emmy (based on your other post as well) so I say just go with that. Emmy is totally wearable in a world where Sophie, Sadie, and Hattie are all on the top 1000 list! You could always give her a more "traditional" middle name and when she's older, she has the option of using that. Isla, Audrey, and Lila are my top three in your list. Audrey and Lila are pretty popular, but that might not be a factor for ya'll. Good job narrowing it down to eight really lovely names!

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    I personally don't like Isla and prefer Elsa. I also prefer Lola to Lila. This is just my opinion trust when naming my girls people flat out told they despised some of my favorite picks(which isn't the best thing to tell a hormonal pregnant woman)
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    LOVE Tessa! Emmy is a close second, but I do not like it as a full name. It could very well be one! It just isn't my style. Willa comes in a distant third, but I am not a fan of the other options

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    I like: Emme, Emiliana, Ivy, and Fiona
    -He thinks Emme as "M" sounds even more incomplete than Emmy, Emiliana is too over the top, "Poison Ivy" ("'nuff said"), and "Shrek" (again, "'nuff said")

    He likes: Emberly, Ember, Ellis, Emerald, and Emrys
    -I don't like the look of Emberly (it's also really close to Kimberly, which is the name of my cousin who, to put nicely, I don't get along with) or the sound of Ember, Ellis and Emrys are boy names to me, and I find Emerald a bit "tacky" (for a lack of a better/nicer word)

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