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Thread: Boat Name

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    Boat Name

    Hi Berries,

    Hubby bought a boat at auction. It was a fire fighter rescue boat and now we need to name it. We were thinking something with "Rescue" in the name since it was previously called rescue boat number ___. We will use the boat for lake cruising and tubing (it is fast) and maybe some fishing. Any help is appreciated!

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    Here are some names of famous boats (some real, some fictional):
    Titanic (are the sinking connotations too much?)

    And some names that just seem to work:
    Saving Grace (to go with the rescue theme)
    Cruz (because you'll use it for cruising...)

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    Thanks, Raevyn! I like Saving Grace.

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    Still trying to pick a name. These are the top contenders:
    The Rescue Me
    The Salish

    Any other ideas?

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    Remedy is one of my favourite words, seem to go with the 'rescue' theme.

    Salvador means 'saviour'. Salvatrix being the sassier feminine variant. (I do prefer girls names on boats!)

    Other than that, I like The Rescuer better than The Rescue Me.
    Which number was it called? You could always use a number-name! I love number-names, Una, Decima, Secunda, Hendeca, Septima or Nona off the top of my head, but I'm sure you could find one unless the number is a lot higher.
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