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    Becklund (to be called Beck) - first name material?

    My first post... I have a week to go, and no name yet for our baby boy!

    I like the name "Beck", but would like a long form name as well. "Becklund" is a family surname on my husband's side. Would it work as a first name? Or is it just too last-name-y?

    If it could work as a first name - any suggestions for middle name? Last name is 2 syllables, ending in "s".
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    I like it and I like the nickname Beck

    Becklund Connor
    Becklund Asher
    Becklund Sawyer
    Becklund Noah
    Becklund Felix
    Becklund Arthur
    Becklund Elliott
    Becklund Lennox
    Becklund Oliver

    Hope this helps either qualify or disqualify some names for you :P Becklund surprisingly sounds good with a variety of sounding middle names to me..!

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    I am fine with surname firsts,

    but Becklund sounds to me like a company, some giant corporation.

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    Not a fan of this. Maybe Beckett?

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    When I read the title of this post, I thought, "Yes if it's a family surname, no if not." Since it is a family surname and does have significance for you, I think it gets a pass. Honestly, I don't really like the sound of Becklund, but Beck is a nice nickname.

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