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    Elven Daughters for Eleven Doctors Quiz

    *Eleven Daughters for Eleven Doctors Quiz (little typo in the title there, whoops)

    Surname - Favorite Male Companion
    Ian - Chesterton, Chatterton, or Russell
    Steven - Taylor, Purves, Regret
    Ben - Jackson, Craze, or Michaels
    Jamie - McCrimmon, Hines, or Frazer
    The Brigadier - Lethbridge, Stewart, or Courtney
    Harry - Sullivan, Marter, or Harris
    K-9 - Leeson, Smith, or Brierly
    Adric - Matthews, Waterhouse, or Sachs
    Vislor - Turlough, Strickson, or Mark
    Mickey - Clarke, Smith, or Samuels
    Captain Jack - Harkness, Boe, or Barrowman
    Rory - Williams, Davrill, or Pond

    Pick your favorite episode from each Doctor's era and choose a first name from corresponding name bank then choose another favorite from the same Doctor's era for her middle name.

    The First Doctor
    An Unearthly Child - Verity, Susan, Hur
    The Daleks - Dyoni, Barbara, Virginia
    Marco Polo [Reconstruction] - Ping-Cho, Zienia, Daphne
    The Keys of Marinus - Sabetha, Kala, Daphne
    The Aztecs - Cameca, Margot, Jacqueline
    The Dalek Invasion of Earth - Carole, Ann, Jenny
    The Web Planet - Vicki, Maureen, Nemini
    The Gunfighters - Jackie, Lane, Kate
    The War Machines - Dorothea, Polly, Anneke
    Other - Delia, Katarina, Adrienne

    The Second Doctor
    The Power of the Daleks [Reconstruction] - Janley, Pamela, Marjorie
    The Tomb of the Cybermen - Aubrey, Kaftan, Shirley
    The Abominable Snowmen [Reconstruction] - Victoria, Deborah, Snow
    The Enemy of the World - Astrid, Mary, Margaret
    The Dominators - Nicolette, Felicity, Sheila
    The Mind Robber - Rapunzel, Christine, Medusa
    The Krotons - Zoe, Vana, Wendy
    The Seeds of Death - Gia, Kelly, Jamie
    The War Games - Jennifer, Pat, Tanya
    Other - Marion, Caroline, Edwina

    The Third Doctor
    Spearhead From Space - Meg, Seeley, Helen
    Doctor Who and the Silurians - Thomasine, Doris, Nancie
    Inferno - Petra, Shaw, Liz
    The Claw of Axos - Carol, Bell, Fernanda
    The Daemons - Olive, Damaris, Katy
    The Three Doctors - Josephine, Courtney, Trina
    Carnival of Monsters - Shirna, Cheryl, Claire
    The Time Warrior - Eleanor, June, Rosemary
    The Monster of Peladon - Ysanne, Nina, Thalira
    Other - Bessie, Venus, Kismet

    The Fourth Doctor
    The Ark in Space - Vira, Glady, Elisabeth
    Genesis of the Daleks - Bettan, Karilyn, Harriet
    The Brain of Morbius - Maren, Cynthia, Gilly
    The Seeds of Doom - Sarah, Jane, Sylvia
    The Talons of Weng-Chiang - Teresa, Judith, Louise
    The Invasion of Time - Leela, Hilary, Dee
    The Pirate Planet - Rosalind, Primi, Xanxia
    City of Death - Romana, Lalla, Doreen
    The Keeper of Traken - Kassia, Katura, Nyssa
    Other - Vanessa, Begonia, Cecile

    The Fifth Doctor
    Four to Doomsday - Nadia, Annie, Sutton
    Kinda - Nerys, Deva, Karuna
    Earthshock - Beryl, Suzi, Dinah
    The Arc of Infinity - Elspet, Thalia, Jovanka
    Terminus - Kari, Liza, Valentine
    The Five Doctors - Flavia, Tegan, Janet
    Warriors of the Deep - Ingrid, Tara, Nitza
    Frontios - Norna, Lesley, Joanna
    Resurrection of the Daleks - Chloe, Rula, Sneh
    Other - Mara, Valerie, Isabella

    The Sixth Doctor
    The Twin Dilemma - Peri, Elena, Diona
    Attack of the Cybermen - Faith, Halley, Esther
    Vengeance on Varos - Etta, Geraldine, Areta
    The Mark of the Rani - Rani, Cordelia, Sue
    The Two Doctors - Seville, Anita, Carmen
    Timelash - Vena, Jeananne, Tracy
    Revelation of the Daleks - Kara, Penelope, Nicola
    Terror of the Vervoids - Yolande, Honor, Ruth
    The Mysterious Planet/Mindwarp - Kani, Alibe, Joan
    The Ultimate Foe - Bonita, Melody, Lysette

    The Seventh Doctor
    Paradise Towers - Annabel, Julie, Tilda
    Delta and the Bannerman - Delta, Rachel, Carley
    Dragonfire - Stellar, Melanie, Dorothy
    Remembrance of the Daleks - Allison, Jasmine, Ace
    The Happiness Patrol - Daisy, Priscilla, Kandy
    Silver Nemesis - Fiona, Dolores, Windsor
    The Greatest Show in the Galaxy - Jessica, Morgana, Mags
    Battlefield - Morgaine, Winifred, Sophie
    The Curse of Fenric - Phyllis, Kathleen, Audrey
    Other - Gwendoline, Wanda, Gale

    The Eighth Doctor
    Choose from name bank: Grace, Bernice, Samantha, Compassion, Miranda, Beatrix,
    Anji, Tamsin, Molly, Liv, Lucie, Charlotte, Gemma, India, Sheridan, Niky, Izzy, Fey

    The Ninth Doctor
    Rose - Rose, Camille, Lucinda
    The End of the World - Cassandra, Yasmin, Jabe
    The Unquiet Dead - Gwyneth, Eve, Billie
    Aliens of London/World War Three - Annette, Trinity, Lachele
    Dalek - Anna, Jana, Piper
    The Long Game - Cathica, Suki, Judy
    Father's Day - Natalie, Eirlys, Rhian
    The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances - Nancy, Florence, Vilma
    Boom Town - Cathy, Mali, Blaine
    Bad Wolf/The Parting of Ways - Abi, Colleen, Nisha

    The Tenth Doctor
    New Earth - Adjoa, Clovis, Dona
    The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit - Ida, MyAnna, Toby
    Army of Ghosts/Doomsday - Yvonne, Adeola, Freema
    Gridlock - Martha, Lenora, Calypso
    Blink - Sally, Sparrow, Carey
    Utopia/The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords - Francine, Letitia, Alexandra
    The Unicorn and the Wasp - Agatha. Fenella, Robina
    Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead - Donna, Catherine, Evangelista
    The Waters of Mars - Adelaide, Lindsay, Victory
    Other - Astrid, Evelina, Rosita

    The Eleventh Doctor
    Vincent and the Doctor - Paris, Amelia, Ginger
    The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang - Cleopatra, River, Tabetha
    The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon - Joy, Frances, Rory
    The Doctor's Wife - Idris, Suranne, Karen
    The God Complex - Rita, Amara, Caitlin
    The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe - Madge, Lily, Holly
    The Snowmen - Clara, Francesca, Vastra
    Nightmare in Silver - Angelica, Eloise, Zahra
    The Time of the Doctor - Jenna, Tasha, Orla
    Other - Abigail, Ada, Mercy
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