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    First name for last name Salvatore

    The title pretty much says it all. I'm looking for a first name for the last name Salvatore. I know there's some connections to The Vampire Dairies, so if you have another last name with the same feel as Salvatore, please say it. But, I would really prefer to keep Salvatore. It's a love story, the main character is a rich kid, old money. He grew up in Manhattan, going to private school, never being told no. Until he meets a girl, who changes how he thinks about the world. He has dark hair and dark blue eyes, kind of like the color of the ocean after a storm. He's tall and VERY attractive.

    Sorry if I went into too much detail, I just really need the perfect name! Thanks so much!
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    Rich names (in my opinion anyway):

    *=the ones I really like!

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    Most Salvatores that I knew are from Howard Beach and have names like Vinny, Dom, and Patsy. Not sure I could imagine someone named Salvatore being old money. Old money names tend to stay pretty much the same in NYC. New money, sure. But the name would reflect new money and be something like Mason or Hunter.

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