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    Yea a response from @blade!

    What a great idea to obtain those records & ask them to replicate. But I must ask...

    I partially wonder if I had such a great relationship with my doc because I respected his expertise. Do you think that the typical OBGYN would find such a specific request annoying or unnecessary or even insulting? When I said something about not making a birth plan cause it didn't seem like the kind of thing you could plan for my doctor & his assistant had a bit of a chuckle about it.

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    Not at all. It's perfectly normal and evidence driven. "Look, my previous epidural was bupivicaine 0.125% started at 10cc/hr and I had the perfect sensory block but still good motor control. Can we try to replicate that?"

    It sounds a lot more reasonable than "don't F&*^ up."

    I am not an OB but personally I think birth "plans" are a bit dogmatic. Birth preferences, sure. It's a very good idea to think through what you'd like to do in a particular situation, in case it arises. But you can't plan a birth, imho. I imagine your OB was quite pleased that you shared this rather common view held by people who routinely attend births.
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    I will jump on the doula wagon with you. That is a great suggestion to put your mind at ease, I think. Find someone you connect with and can trust that she will do everything she can to help things go the way you want, and then if things don't go exactly how you want, you will feel good knowing you tried, and also that she is still there advocating for you.
    I was much more uptight about everything with #1, plus had a bad experience at the OB clinic I was attending, so I ended up switching to a different dr and clinic at 7 mos. I was scared to death, and we made the decision to hire a doula. She met with us, I liked her, and she was a great advocate during the labor, delivery and getting started nursing + post-partum support! It's a great idea.
    With #2, I was so much more laid back (opposite of you, ha), and was delivering with the dr I had for #1 (who by this time, I trusted and felt good about), so we didn't hire our doula for #2.
    Good luck to you! My children are 4 yrs apart. I was really nervous about adding #2 into our family, but (after the initial post-partum period where I was slightly crazy/unbalanced/hormonal), it has been 100% amazing. I don't know what we would do without our little girl! Such a blessing. Now I want another one...haha!
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    I had my son without an medication for the pain and it was quite miserable but I hoped to avoid it the second time because I really hate needles so epidurals scare me way more then the actual pain. But I was very nervous as my due date approached with my daughter that something would go wrong or that I wouldn't be able to handle the pain. I had a very quick and intense labor with her and was in the hospital less then two hours when she was born after just two pushes and while it was painful it seemed more bearable then with my son. I was told that it's pretty typical that second babies come a lot quicker.
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    I'm not at all worried about labour this time, and I wasn't particularly worried last time. There are a lot of people on this earth, and they came out of vagina's just like mine. Nothing to worry about!

    But, it's different this time for me because last time I wasn't worried about the life changes that would come going from being a couple to a family, but this time I am worried about how I'll cope going from one baby to two kids under two. Nowadays I generally just go along with whatever makes the baby happy, I'm very laid back and happy to dedicate my time to her whims. (Another hour eating dirt at the park? Why, don't mind if I do!) But with two different little people who are likely not to want the same thing at the same time? I can't envision yet how exactly I'll make that work, and it scares me.

    Anyway good luck I hope talking it out here helps relieve some fears.

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