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    What about Maren?

    Edit: Saw this was included in someone else's post - however, it's still the first one that came to mind! Good luck!
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    Eleanor, Esther, Genevieve, Tess, Celia, Iris, Arden, Paige, Amalia, Fiona, Eliza
    Samuel, Theodore, Elias, Simon, Cole, Thomas, Henry, Eamon, Arthur

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    Marielena is the Spanish version of Mary Helen, but it might be a lot when paired with Fiona. I second Fiona Miriam.

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    I love the name Fiona. What about:

    Fiona Maris

    I think this one hits the mark.

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    Helen is Greek for "Bright, shining one" and I think that the best way to proceed is to choose a similar meaning. Eleanor is the Latin version of Helen and it has some nice variations such as:

    Fiona Lenore
    Fiona Liore
    Fiona Lior

    Another name that means "Bright" is Claire/Clare. What about:

    Fiona Claire ?

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    I really adore Mamie (Mae-mi) and think Fiona Mamie is gorgeous.... Similar to Mae but a little less common. I also like Fiona Marion or
    Fiona Eleanor
    If you can't find a name you love related to Mary or Helen What about honouring your aunt some other way... Her favourite flower, her favourite place, a gem stone she loved or that of her birth sign, A literary/song reference that was special to her or another personal reference.

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