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    1. Annalise
    2. Autumn
    3. Evie
    4. Victoria
    5. Imogen
    6. Astra
    7. Riley
    8. Hayden
    9. Danielle
    10. Paris

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    1. Annalise
    2. Evie
    3. Imogen
    4. Victoria
    5. Autumn
    6. Riley
    7. Paris
    8. Astra
    9. Danielle
    10. Hayden

    Annalise is my favorite of the bunch, it sounds classy and pretty while not being common. Evie and Imogen follows just below Annalise, I love Evie for the V sound and it makes me think of Eve as well. I like Imogen for the connection to literature, and for being unique and beautiful. The other names I don't like so much, they either seemed dated or too trendy (like Hayden, I feel it's connected too much with the "Aidan" type names).

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    1. Imogen
    2. Annalise - I prefer the spelling Anneliese
    3. Victoria
    4. Danielle
    5. Autumn
    6. Evie
    7. Hayden
    8. Astra
    9. Riley
    10. Paris
    All the best,

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    1 Annalise (although I prefer Anneliese)
    2 Evie (although I prefer Evelyn "Evie")
    3 Autumn
    4 Danielle
    5 Riley (although I prefer Riley for a boy)
    6 Paris
    7 Imogen
    8 Victoria
    9 Hayden (although I prefer Hayden for a boy)
    10 Astra

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    1. Riley - Riley is one of my favorites, and for some reason every time I mention it on NB, I get criticism ('oh, it's too male!' 'too trendy!'). It is undoubtedly feminine to me, just as feminine as its cousin, Kylie, it's easy to spell and recognizable without in my opinion being 'trendy.' I think it's just great.

    2. Annalise - The rest of these names aren't my style, but I like how Annalise opens the door for many nicknames.

    3. Victoria - Classic, stunning.

    4. Astra - A little too 'out there' for my style, but it sounds gorgeous.

    5. Autumn - Of course, the girl would have to be born in autumn

    6. Hayden - Follows the trendy -ayden phase, unfortunately.

    7. Danielle - Nice, classic, but overdone

    8. Evie - I can't shake the somewhat annoyingness of this name. Like an adult named Evie? Eye roll. I love it as a nickname for Evelyn, though.

    9. Paris - Will always be connoted with Paris Hilton, IMO

    10. Imogen - NB loves this one, but I think it is too guttural to be pretty
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