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Thread: Need Names

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    Need Names

    I'm writing a story in which the main character is a 24-year-old heroin addict. She is homeless, currently working "on the streets" and facing jail time. She has little hope for the future. She is taken in by a new friend who sees potential. She is taken to the ER by her (Sarah) and when is hospitalized, is diagnosed with a Hepatitis C and HIV coinfection. The story is about her fight to survive and newfound desire to live. She does make a recovery from her addiction to heroin and becomes extremely close to Sarah and her family.

    I'm currently lost on names. She's outgoing and funny, but constantly finds herself withdrawing from people out of fear and rejection. She's extremely caring and loyal at heart but finds herself in situations where she doesn't always portray herself as that to the best of her ability. She was raised around drugs from a very young age.

    I'm sorry if something similar gets posted twice, my iPad isn't cooperating.


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    Any name that a child born in a lower class family might have.
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    Thisbe Nathalia Primrose ~ Helen Guinevere Mathilde ~ Ramona Lily Harper
    Arthur Victor Michiel ~ Connor Lucas Jacob ~ Iann Hidde Crispin

    Other names: Edith ~ Claire ~ Agnes ~ Margot ~ Quinten ~ Henry ~ Lancelot

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    I need some names too! My book is about a future Earth where everything is so polluted and overpopulated that the governments fail and there's lots of disasters and crime going on. Since they want to preserve some human ideas, scientific advancements, and cultures, some people set up a safe have and got a lot of babies from the outside world from different races. They were sealed off in the safe haven, and teachers came in to teach them basic skills and cultures. They each get a specific country or branch of science, mathematics, art, or any other skill to study. Once the teachers taught them what they needed to know, the teachers had to go back outside. One girl (Camryn) was raised in the safe haven and got the trust of a teacher (need a name), who told her about the outside world. When it was time for that teacher to leave, she followed him and eventually escaped, not knowing how dangerous it was. On the outside, there are gangs who hate the kids in the safe haven because the kids get to be comfortable and safe while they go hungry. When Cam escaped, she ran into one of these gangs, but one boy in the gang (need a name!) decided to help her, and they escaped together. From there on, they journeyed away to try to find a safe place to stay, meeting lots of interesting people, and surviving tough challenges. They eventually fall in love, but the girl meets another boy along the way, whose nicer and hotter than the first boy, so he gets mad and leaves. I haven't thought the rest out yet, but in the end, they somehow find a place to stay and Cam chooses the first boy over the second boy. Sorry if this is hard to understand! I'd love to have some name suggestions!

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