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    Did you discuss baby names in past relationships?

    Did you ever discuss naming hypothetical children with a former boyfriend/girlfriend? If so, would you still use any of the names you considered with them? Why or why not?

    I only had one actual serious boyfriend before my husband. We did talk about children and names, because I'm me and that's what I like to talk about LOL! He was/is the kind of guy who for the most part would leave naming up to the mother, so any names contemplated at the time were names I came up with anyway. So, yes, I would/did still consider some of the same names. Maura (my daughter's name) was on my list back then and I used it anyway. I think it suits my husband's child better anyway. Back then, Violet would probably have been my top choice, though. That's one I wouldn't use with my husband, and not just because he doesn't like it LOL! The girl named Violet I used to imagine isn't one my husband and I could produce.
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    I did discuss future baby names with an ex-boyfriend. Yes, I would still use those names. I don't see nothing wrong with it, especially if I really liked them. The only awkward thing that's going to happen is when he uses it on his kids too. Hmm.
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    There was a guy I was semi-dating (very briefly, during a breakup with my now-husband) in college, and it really made me put the brakes on things when he started talking about how he had names for his kids picked out; he really wanted a son named Tyler. First of all, we were nowhere close to the point of being serious with each other. It was, like, the first time we were ever hanging out that he started talking about this. Secondly, I didn't really like that name!

    He was (is?) a great guy, and nowadays I think it is kind of sweet that he was into those things as a twenty-year-old. But at the time it was a deal breaker.

    Ironically I ended up becoming a parent at 21, anyway, but it wasn't with him.
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    I did, once. We wanted three kids, so we played the odds and decided on combos for two boys and two girls. Wesley Christopher Rhys was #1, we agreed on it almost instantly. Wesley and Rhys were my two absolute favorites, Christopher was his pick (after himself, of course, as I refused to have a Junior). He ended up getting another girl pregnant not long after and they used Wesley Christopher for their first son. So nope I wouldn't use it. But the other three I absolutely would.

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    I have been in two long-term relationships. My son came from the first, so we clearly talked about names. We have VERY different taste, had I had my way Kaleb would be Desmond. It still drives me crazy that I was the one to give in, particularly as we haven't seen nor heard from his dad in over three years.

    My second was with another single parent with a daughter named Harper, not my style, but her mother had chosen her name. He and I had two boys names chosen which we both loved, Thayer and Maclean (nn Mac), both family names. He was less opinionated when it came to girls names, and we broke up after a year and a half before we had any nailed down. There is absolutely no way I would use them now since they have ties to his family, which breaks my heart, particularly Thayer.

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