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    Jameson- I really love it, but I don't like James as a nn, so I couldn't use it myself
    Sebastian- I'm in love with my name, it's a very possible contender for a child in about 10-15 years
    Samuel- too dated for me
    Xander- I love it, and it's a great nn for Alexander
    Liam- a bit common now, I know too many Liam's to use it
    Archer- this has been growing on me....I like it
    Carter- love it, but it's a bit common at the moment
    Walter- waaaayyy too dated
    Jacob- too common, but it seems to be getting less and less common, so it could be usable in 5-10 years
    Dominic- love it, not many Dominic's around
    Finnegan- see Dominic lol
    Barnaby- too old and dated, way too clunky for a child
    Paul- too dated
    Henry- again, too dated
    Oliver- I just don't like this one

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    Hi there Em! Hope I can be of some help while you recreate your new list!

    Jameson - solid, masculine name
    Sebastian - love its spunk and sound
    Samuel - okay
    Xander - slightly trashy IMO (sorry!)
    Liam - too nicknamey and popular for me
    Archer - cute, I love it
    Carter - cute, popular though
    Walter - eh, a little dated
    Jacob - way too popular, I find it boring because it's been so overused
    Dominic - has to be my favorite of them all!
    Finnegan - okay
    Barnaby - sorry, I'm another Barnaby hater, I think its sound is a bit off-putting
    Paul - dated
    Henry - sweet, strong
    Oliver - not exactly my cup of tea

    Jameson Elijah nn Jem - nice combo although Elijah isn't my taste
    Walter Sebastian - meh
    Samuel George - great combo
    Xander Nathaniel - love Nathaniel, firmly dislike Xander
    Archer Cohen - okay combo, good flow
    Carter James - James is a bit 'filler' to me
    Jacob Mason - flow isn't 100%
    Dominic Wolf - Wolf? No, sorry.
    Finnegan Peter - love this
    Barnaby Paul - don't love this
    Paul Tristan - flow isn't the best
    Henry Alton - super cute!!
    Oliver Graham - I really like it
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    Jameson - what's wrong with James? As someone not a fan of surnames I just can't make myself like this. Also, I can only think of the whiskey
    Sebastian - I quite like Sebastian but really dislike Seb and that seems like an inevitable nn
    Samuel - love it, it's a great classic. I'm not a fan of Sam though so I could never use Samuel
    Xander - this is by far my favourite nn for Alexander but I'm not sure about it on it's own
    Liam - good name
    Archer - what if he tries archery and sucks at it? I don't like surname names or occupation names. It has quite a nice sound though
    Carter - see Archer
    Walter - I'm not really a fan. I can see kids nicknaming Walter Wally - Where's Wally?, 'you're a wally'...
    Jacob - great classic name, but like Samuel I could never use because I don't like Jake
    Dominic - everybody seems to love Dominic at the moment but I don't see the appeal, I just don't really like the sound
    Finnegan - I like Finn as a nn but I can only see Finnegan as a surname
    Barnaby - this is a guilty pleasure of mine! I love it, but I'm not sure I can see it working on an actual person
    Paul - this name has a lot of history but it is ruined for me by a personal association
    Henry - very popular in this country I think but it always sounded a bit strange to me, I can only think of Henry the Hoover
    Oliver - nice name

    Possible Combos:
    Jameson Elijah nn Jem - my opinions of Jameson aside, I think this combo flows well and I really like Elijah. I also love nn Jem for James, I have also heard Jam which I thought was quite cool
    Walter Sebastian - I prefer Sebastian Walter
    Samuel George - good classic combo
    Xander Nathaniel - It doesn't sound quite right, maybe Nathaniel Alexander?
    Archer Cohen - not a fan of either name but they sound ok together
    Carter James - I just really don't like Carter, Elijah James? Samuel James?
    Jacob Mason - it kind of sounds like first name, last name. I'm not a fan of Mason. Jacob Oliver?
    Dominic Wolf - Wolf is great as a middle name but I'm not sure if it quite works here. Nathaniel Wolf? Barnaby Wolf?
    Finnegan Peter - I want to say Finnegan, Peter Finnegan. I just can't like Finnegan as a first name
    Barnaby Paul - I quite like these together, Barnaby makes Paul seem more exciting
    Paul Tristan - I prefer Tristan Paul
    Henry Alton - this actually works really well
    Oliver Graham - Graham is pretty dated but in the middle it works well with Oliver
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    I don't mind most of the names on your list. But a few points I would add… look at the meanings too not just how they sound. Names like Jameson, don't really make sense unless their Dad's name is James. And I would also give some thought to the professions and what they represent behind some of the names ( not bad or good, but might help you narrow it down). I imagine Archer being focussed and true to his aims…righteous perhaps given the link between the word sin and archery. But carter… is just someone who hauls carts… i think? Not as fussed on that. You have a few hebrew names listed too, so I would suggest reading the meanings of them too. Hebrew names have such lovely meanings for the most part.

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    Alrighty! Narrowed down my existing list to:

    -Alexander nn Xander

    Now, on to possible new additions.

    Annabel, Carlotta, Tamar, Jubilee, Lorelei, Lola, Josie, Alice, Indira, Claire, Liliosa, Vivienne, Ella, Abigail, Ivy

    Jameson, Samuel, Archer, Dominic, Barnaby, Paul, Henry, Oliver, Jadon, Isaac, Harrison, Lawson, Ezra, Rhys

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