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    Yeah I'd steer clear of Mr Kipling, especially as they make 'French Fancies'. Are you in the UK/will you be spending much time here? Because I do think it's a tad silly here, sorry! I don't think it sounds right with Leo and Juliet anyway. Could make a good MN though.

    I think Cosmo is great He fits right in and doesn't sound too Italian at all (I didn't even realise it was Italian!) Everyone will recognise it and spell it correctly. It feels very international to me- I recently read a book about a Greek guy called Cosmo. Personally, I connect it far more with the actual name rather than the magazine, but then I don't read them that much. Basically I think it's best out of your 3!

    I do like Bastien (I like Sebastien slightly more), and Rafael also, and I think all 3 could work, but Cosmo wins for me For some other names that could work internationally, how about: Oscar, Hugo, Felix, Julian, Anton, Marco, Reuben, Orlando, Florian, Vincent, Roscoe, Hector, Martin, Dominic, Fabian, Percival, Stefan, Gabriel, Simon, Daniel, Roman, Bruno, Cedric, Otto?
    Oh God - I hadn't even thought of the French Fancies! Definitely not Kipling, then!

    Thanks for the suggestions, I really like most of them but the hard part is finding something that's not too French, not too English - so Hector and Percival, plus Florian and Anton are out; I would use Montgomery in a heart beat if I could! We've considered a few of these - Oscar, Reuben, Dominic, Bruno, Gabriel. None of them feel right though.

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