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    Honestly, I don't see Scotland as being boy or girl, because it doesn't sound like a name to me. I mean, India? Yes. Ireland? Sure. But Scotland? Something makes it ill suited to be a first name.

    If you ever have a girl, Caledonia would be great for you. It means "from Scotland"!
    Best or luck. I would stick with Scott.

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    Quote Originally Posted by renrose View Post
    I find it hard to believe that anyone actually from Scotland would suggest it as a name for a human O_o If he has family still here and you went to visit, imagine how strange that would be. Any place name with 'land' in it should stay firmly on the pages of the map and keep out of the baby name books.

    I'd stick with Scott for a boy.
    He actually doesn't have anymore family in Scotland and they really miss it... a lot. So it would take up a special place in their hearts.
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    My brother name is Scotland, He is doing just fine. For us it was always a boys name. Powerful, Handsome and intelligent with a care free nature loving side.

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    I've met people named India, Africa, and China... all doing just fine. I also heard a dad calling for his little Ireland at he park, and I too know of a Caledonia. You must remember that it doesn't matter at all what strangers think. So long as you and DH love it, you should use it.

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    As someone who is of Scottish heritage I find it weird and my Scottish grandma would find it absolutely terrible. I prefer Scott or find a scottish name for example Lachlan, Angus, Campbell, Fraser, Lennox and Rory all sound great with Rucker and are Scottish names that would work in the US, I live in Australia and I've known people with all those names (Lachlan being a top 10 choice)
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