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    CAF using criteria


    Roll for number of children and genders. Roll twice for each kid's naming criteria, once for first name and once for middle.

    1, 4, 12 - 6 kids
    2, 5, 7 - 4 kids
    3, 6, 11 - 8 kids
    8, 9, 10 - 3 kids

    6 or 12 = twins, Even = Boy, Odd = Girl

    1.) Names that are not popular in your country (or outside the top 500)
    2.) Names from Searched Right Now bar
    3.) Names from the most recent post in Girl Baby Names or Boy Baby Names
    4.) Your Favorite Name(s), whether it's a guilty pleasure or not
    5.) Names from the last book you read or movie you watched
    6.) Names from the most recent post on your favorite baby name blog
    7.) Names NOT in the Nameberry database
    8.) Names starting with the letters U - Z
    9.) Names from your favorite kids' movie or book
    10.) Your most recent name crushes
    11.) Names from video games or comic books
    12.) Steal a name from whoever posts above you -- can be from their own game results, their signature, or their lists.
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    G: Ramona Yasmin (Names searched now, U-Z)
    B: Chiron Adler (recent blog Bewitching Names, favorites)
    B: Cervantes Edison (not in database, outside top 500)
    G: Amelia Ruby (recent book, recent crush)

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    Isis Nova (Names outside of top 500)
    Arthur Eames (Inception) (Last Movie I saw)
    Jareth Bastian (Labyrinth and The Neverending story) (Favorite Childhood movies)
    19 year old aspiring writer. Lover of names. Searcher of meanings.

    Boys: Jack O'Neill, Rory Clark, Magnus Fox, McKenna Jace, Whistler Clark, and Timothy Crow
    Girls: Katie Beth, Saoirse Grace, and Ava Violet

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    Sep 2013
    Northern Germany
    Elliott Findus (Favorite / Kids Book)
    Ida Liesel (Kids Book / The Book Thief)
    Ophelia Rosie (Favourite / Name Crush)
    Felix Beckett (Searched Bar / Name Crush)
    Jack Weston (Last Movie / Most Recent in Boy Names)
    Zelda Evangeline (Video Game / Favourite Blog)
    Benjamin Arthur (Searched Bar / From Poster Above)
    Violet Madita (From U-Z / Kids Book)

    England 1920 - 1940

    Margaret Irene, Stella Maureen, Monica June, Hazel Diana, Mildred Marie, Veronica Ivy, Jean Elizabeth, Joan Beatrice

    Pamela Daphne, Dorothy Mavis, Gladys Pauline, Doris Eleanor, Eileen May, Sybil Rosemary, Jennifer Anne, Betty Josephine

    Sarah Bridget, Shirley Jaqueline, Agnes Marlene, Marina Joy, Gloria Violet, Wendy Teresa, Peggy Sylvia, Molly Judith

    old combos and previous signatures

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    Feb 2012
    DD: Zoe Cora (U - Z, Searched Right Now)
    DD: Madeline Anna (favorite kids' book, last movie you watched)
    DD/DD: Leah Vivian & Eliza Tess (Searched Right Now, U - Z) (recent name crush, outside the top 500)

    Zoe, Maddie, Leah & Ellie.
    AdelineGreer ElizaKathleen MaisieAnnabel PiperLucy FinleyAnnmarie SadieEmmeline
    LillianTessa MadelineSophia CecilyAmelia

    BennettLevi ZacharyAuden GrahamBaxter JudeCarter BrennanMaxwell ParkerGrayson
    CamdenBrooks AsherTheodore WilliamJack

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