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    You all are probably tired of me by now...

    I really could use some input. I'm having a hard time choosing a girl name. My top two are Wren and Imogen. I would prefer to use Imogen as a middle name, but I would consider it as a first. For Wren, I just need a good name to make a good combo. So far, I have Eliza Wren and Wren Eloise, but I don't love either. I kind of like Etta Wren as a double barreled name (Etta is my mother), but hubby has vetoed. I could really use some feedback. I like names that aren't used too often, but don't want trendy (ie, Harper, Piper, etc). Those are nice, but I prefer older names that are buried gems these days. My biggest fear is picking something boring or plain. This was a lot easier with my first child since she was named after my grandmother, and I had picked the name 15 years before she was born! My last name sounds like "Deal," and everything seems to sound horrible with it! Thanks.
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    Dang! I was going to suggest Camille until you said "sounds like Deal"!

    WDYT of Lorraine? I think it has a little of the old-fashioned appeal of Etta and Imogen. It is def a buried gem to me. I also like Laramie
    but I think it's more of a boy name.

    Lorraine Wren Deal?

    I like Emberlee Shea. What about Waverly Sage? Wren Sage? I think Rosemary is underused. Rosemary Sage? Rosemary Shea?

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    I think Etta Wren as a double fn sounds lovely. If you're thinking something longer to balance out Wren and your last name, I think you could opt for one that ends in -etta. I've really fallen for Wren as a middle name.

    Marietta Wren
    Rosetta Wren
    Violetta Wren
    Loretta Wren
    Henrietta Wren
    Arietta Wren

    Of course if he doesn't like Etta he might not like any name with Etta in it. Another way to go, though it is a little more trendy, is peruse the "Ella" names. Such as Luella Wren, or Elena Wren.

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    I was going to suggest names ending in -etta. My favourite is Violetta.

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    For older names, how about Harriet, Mabel, Claire, or Viola?

    Too bad, because i LOVE Etta

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