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    Help me sort this list!

    I've been feeling lately that I'm not quite so excited about all my favorites as I thought I was, so I'm thinking of maybe narrowing this list a little. It always seems to help to hear others' opinions, and I'm wondering if my style isn't changing a bit to more international/European choices (think Anne-Claire/Anne-Sophie, Aurelie, Madelief, Zosia), or just more unusual names in general (Zinnia, Cosima, Isla, etc.). But these have been favorites forever, so I'm just trying to weed out the ones that aren't true favorites. Hearing what others have to say always seems to help form my own opinions more clearly, so I was hoping for some opinions on the FNs on my list. Here they are below--wdyt?

    Lillian (or Liliana, or even Lilia... my full name for Lily seems to be ever-changing!)

    Thanks, ladies!
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    Oh, do go for more exciting names if you're starting to lean that way! You wouldn't regret it.
    I'm not exactly sure what kind of opinions you're wanting. I would drop anything with an Ellie or Emmy nn. They're so extremely common.
    Hannah is very common but that might be just in my circle. I would drop that one too.
    But common/ popular bothers me much more than you, so maybe my opinions aren't worth much to you.

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    Madeleif and Zosia! I'm always so happy to here those Whenever I try to clean up my lists I question the reasons they're on my list really hardly. ''I love Ramona, yeah, but do I *really* love it or do I just like it because Karen in Outnumbered is adorable?'' that kind of thing. I also have noticed that the names I've liked for the longest are the names that took me the longest to love... so names like Valentina that suddenly appeal to me in the middle of the night usually drift off my list after a week or so.

    Isabelle - So lovely, but I prefer Isobel/Isabel because they feel more anglicized and even a bit Celtic to me. Isabelle is a lovely pan-European name and really beautiful, but I can see it aging very easily and being a mum name in 30 years or so.

    Arianne - I feel fairly 'eh' about this. I dislike -anne names on the whole and I dislike Arianna, but I appreciate Arianne's classic beauty. She sounds like French royalty or something.

    Olivia - okay, as an Olivia myself I can say I truly love it. I mean, I don't think I've ever disliked it, but I started really loving it a few years ago when I read/saw Twelfth Night for the first time. She's a fairly neutral character when you boil the play down but she's so passionate and sassy and just the fact it was used by Shakespeare in my absolute favourite play makes me love it. I love the nn Liv too (although Livy makes my skin crawl). It's got such a lovely meaning too.

    Violet - this is so sweet, but I never cling to flower names. This was on my list briefly after I met a little Violet for the first time but I don't know, I just can't love it. It's so sweet and makes me think of a summer garden.

    Rachel - This is so timeless and beautiful, and really underused right now. For some reason my first thought is always a video of a little girl on Youtube I saw years ago - (ha, surprised I found that so easily... the same little girl appears to be a child actress now)

    Lillian - I don't like this and I have no valid reason, so not much help there. It's a nice enough name.

    Charlotte - Charlotte is so pretty and classic and I think I'm only starting to appreciate it. Lotte/Lottie/Lotte are cute.

    Eleni - Never felt very strongly about this. I like it, I suppose. I like just Leni too, and Lani.

    Hannah - I like this. It's not a name I'd ever really pay any attention to but I do have moments of appreciating how pretty it sounds (Lena Dunham's character in Girls brought it back to life for me). I heard recently that Hana has a different and non-biblical origin that makes me like it a lot more.

    Eva - Love this. I know the sweetest little Evas - they're both adorable. It sounds like a cute blonde little farm girl and also an exotic dark-haired woman at the same time. It's a bit too trendy for my liking though.

    Catherine - This just feels dull. I want to like it, and I absolutely adore nicknames Kitty/Kate but I don't like it. It feels wishy washy and overused.

    Tess - I know a not-very-nice girl with this name, but I like it in theory and can get behind Tessa easily. This one feels out of place on your list though.

    Emmeline - I love the emma-leen pn. I used to dislike this a lot because I assumed it was emma-line which just sounded weird and trendy to me. I think I prefer Emeline, which is a spelling I saw recently and made me like the name more. I love it's history and the connection to Emmeline Pankhurst (her sisters where Sylvia and Christabel - swoon!)
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    Isabelle - love Isabelle, but I prefer the Scottish Isobel spelling
    Arianne - this is pretty, but I always want to say Arianna (I pronouce this differently from Ariana). I think a lot of people will likely end up seeing Arianna, especially in the US, where Arianna is popular
    Olivia - Olivia's been done so many times, it's a beautiful name, but I'm getting a bit sick of seeing it in every classroom. (Nathan's and Olivia's were EVERYWHERE at the school I was at before)
    Violet - Violet is beautiful!
    Rachel - I've never liked this, Rachel just sounds really unappealing to me.
    Lillian (or Liliana, or even Lilia... my full name for Lily seems to be ever-changing!) - I love Lily, but it's becoming too trendy for me, to the point of being annoying in the FN spot. I love Lily as a middle though.
    Charlotte - so cute and classic, but I'm starting to see/hear about little Charlotte's all the time.
    Eleni - Love this!
    Hannah - bad connections with Hannah, so I would say no personally. I know at least 5 Hannah's near me, it's one where like, if you hear it too much, it becomes a bit annoying.
    Eva - definitely not for me - the little Eva I know is dreadfully ill-behaved, and it turned me right off the name.
    Catherine - I love Catherine, but I feel like it's been done to death.
    Tess - too 'blah' for me - I prefer Tessa.
    Emmeline - I like Emmeline a lot, I'd keep this

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    Isabelle - It's a beautiful name but not one of my favourites. I think I might be feeling over it because Isabella is so popular?
    Arianne - nms really, but I see the appeal. Ari is an adorable nn
    Olivia - I feel like I hear this name all the time, but maybe that's because it's EVERYWHERE in Australia and has been for years. It's definitely a good name, though, I understand why it's popular. I think I just prefer Liv on its own, though.
    Rachel - Would be a really surprising choice now/in the future, I think.
    Lillian (or Liliana, or even Lilia... my full name for Lily seems to be ever-changing!) - I've always liked Lillian and I once met a Lilia who was lovely, so I would be into either or those.
    Charlotte - I've always adored this name and I still do, even if it is becoming super popular.
    Eleni - A really cute name! It can age well too, I think, as the only two people I've ever met with this name are in their 20s.
    Hannah - This is the name of one of my closest friends, so I might be a bit biased towards it.
    Eva - I'm constantly flipping between which I prefer between Eva and Ava. Probably Eva.
    Catherine - This is my favourite spelling of the name. It never gets old.
    Tess - Much prefer Tessa with Tess as a nn.
    Emmeline - If you're thinking about the emma-leen pronunciation, I love it!
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