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    I love Katherine Olivia. Katherine anything, really (Katherine Grace?). I just love the name, but I think I prefer it spelled "Catherine". Ella Grace is my second choice, but it seems very bland to me.

    Not a fan of the other choices, especially not Bradley. Eek.
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    I definitely think you can use Brinley as a MN if the first name is more classic My faves :

    Ella Brinley
    Ella Grace
    Ella Katherine
    Ella Kate
    Ella Kinley

    Elisa Brinley (I prefer Eliza, but if you want the "i" to be pronounced "ee" then stick with Elisa!)
    Elisa Grace
    Elisa Katherine
    Elisa Kinley
    Elisa Kate

    Elia Grace
    Elia Katherine
    Elia Kate

    Eliane Grace
    Eliane Kate

    PS - Really not a fan of Bradley, sorry!
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    I'm unsure of how to even pronounce, Elsa????
    Be rad. N to the Y baby!!

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    Hi! I'm 17!!!

    I would pronounce Elsa - El-sa simple as that. You can also just type into google "how to pronounce Elsa".
    I like Ella Grace the most of your options. I like that it honours you, but I feel like it's a bit boring. Maybe you could use your middle name?
    Elisa is interesting, I would pronounce that El-ee-sa. I prefer Eliza, it feels spunkier, more fun.
    Brinley is ok as a middle I guess. Bradley is not my style at all! It's a total boys name.
    How about Eliza Katherine? That is a really great combo!

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    Also searching for ways to include:
    Adeline, Avalon, Eliza, Greta, Imogen, Isla, Leora, & Winnie.
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    Just gonna put this out there, no one deserves to have my middle name. Its a punishment. Grace Ariana Charlotte, why would anyone do this to a child? My parents obviously hated me. This has no flow or reason. ;( that's why i stick to simply... Grace.
    Be rad. N to the Y baby!!

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