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    Tough middle name choice

    My friend and her husband are trying to find a first name for their daughter and really struggling. They are dead set on using Trina as her middle name (after a family member who has passed away) and they do not want the first name to end with A since they don't like the double A endings. They also don't want a name ending in the long e sound since it clashes with their last name. From the few examples, what do you think would flow nicely for them?

    Some names they liked but will not be using-

    Eliza (they don't like Elizabeth)
    Stella (they can't use Estelle)
    Helena (they don't like Helen)
    Elsa/Elsie (they don't like Eslpeth/Elsbeth)

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    Quote Originally Posted by ceecee View Post
    Clementine Trina
    Guinevere Trina
    Harper Trina
    Hollis Trina
    Isadore Trina
    Lincoln Trina
    Monroe Trina
    Wren Trina
    I'm fairly certain they will like Clementine and Guinevere! I know they won't like your others though, they really despise unisex and boy names. They want something classic and girly like the examples

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    Eloise could give them the nn Elsie, how about Eloise Trina? Or maybe Elodie Trina? They seem to like more vintagy names so possibly
    Adeline Trina
    Alice Trina
    Adelaide Trina
    Annelise Trina
    Margot Trina
    Heloise Trina
    Annabelle Trina
    Genevieve Trina
    Miriam Trina
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    Quote Originally Posted by averelladavina View Post
    Eloise could give them the nn Elsie, how about Eloise Trina? Or maybe Elodie Trina?
    The problem with Elsie (and Elodie) is that it ends with the long e sound which they really, really want to avoid because of their last name

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