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    The Short List Is In! Vintage, Nature, Popular, Unique...

    … and I'm going to try not to add to it anymore! Please do not suggest any other names unless you really really think it'll hit the mark. I'm trying to narrow it down.

    Family and friends are not much help in regard to names as most -- while might voice a preference -- generally say that they are happy with whatever name I choose.

    I have decided a couple of things. After some serious thought I've decided that popularity and/or trendiness doesn't bother me. Naming has become far more creative than in generations past, so even popular names don't seem nearly as abundant (thinking of all those Johns and Marys, Michaels and Sarahs). My lil' one will make her name hers regardless of who else bears it.

    Looking for pros and cons of names, general comments. Anything really. Here I go:

    Ava / Avalynn
    Sequoia -- nn Seeka or Quoia
    Io -- prn Eye-o. Nordic variation of this name with same prn is Ayo / Ayoe (my heritage is Norwegian and Swedish).
    Aya -- lots of wonderful meanings from various cultures on this one!
    Clementine -- No way on Clemmie, Clem or Tina. Nn Em, Eme or Mina.
    Evangeline -- with 'lyn' ending. Nn Evie is quite adorable.

    And two boys names I just can't shake:

    Bodhi -- Before I knew that I was going to have a girl, I was settled on this one for a boy. I love the meaning behind this name and was in search of a longer version for Bo. I think Bo would be equally adorable for a girl. Not a fan of any girl names with Bo nn possibilities.

    Levi -- Not a traditional girls name and may rise some eyebrows among religious folk, however I think it has the potential to be wonderful. It would be to honor someone very important to me who has passed and so it sticks in the back of my mind.
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    Love Clementine! Like Calla and Evangeline. Not a fan of the rest.

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    Ava / Avalynn - though Ava is super-popular, I prefer it to Avalynn, which sort of feels like it was thrown together for the sole purpose of avoiding the popularity loop, which may be even worse. It has a pretty sound, but I'd prefer Evelyn, which has a similar sound. Ava is lovely.

    Harper - Harper isn't one of my favorites, and I find it very trendy. I think it's going to get really popular in the next few years, so I'd watch out for it.

    Calla- I ADORE Calla! I find it quirky, sweet, innocent, and one of the best flower names! Not too popular, but still well-known enough to be accepted.

    Sequoia -- nn Seeka or Quoia- Not one of my favorites. I don't really like a lot of tree names (minus Aspen, which I think is a very strong name.)

    Briar- I think this one is AMAZING! (Wow, I'm using a lot of bolds and italics!) Briar is just the right combo of sweet, strong, feminine, and unique and I really love it! Middle name suggestions: Briar Angelica, Briar Kalila, Briar Avalon

    Io -- I'd never have the guts to use this, but I adore Io! It's simple and makes a statement in its two letters that just can't be beat!

    Kaya- Not sure of the pronunciation (KAY-uh or KY-uh?). I like KAY-uh better, but they're both nice. I find it a little insubstantial.

    Aya -- I do like this one, though I think it's a bit short. Maybe Arya nn Aya?

    Clementine -- I can't stand this one. I don't know why I find it so unattractive, but no matter if it's Clemen-teen or Clemen-tyne, I can't stand it.

    Evangeline -- I prefer Evangeline with the 'leen' ending. It seems a little vampiress to me, though that may be a personal opinion. Evie is adorable!

    Luna- It's getting a bit popular, but I still can't help but adore it!

    Bodhi -- I honestly love this for a girl! I never considered it, but with the cute nickname of Bo, I suddenly realized that it has great unisex potential! (Bo is one of my soft spot nicknames)

    Levi -- I don't know about it for a girl... but if it means something to you, it isn't the worst I've heard (etc. Thomas, James, Kyle on girls... ugh), so if it's important, use it!
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    Avalynn--- This is pretty. Tons of Berries probably would look down on this, but the sound of it is undeniably pretty, and the -lynn trend is a trend right now for a reason. I'd probably like the spelling Avalyn best though.
    Harper-- It's cute but definitely not my favorite.
    Calla-- This is gorgeous and severely underused.
    Sequoia -- nn Seeka or Quoia--- I really don't like this. It's way too out there for my taste.
    Briar-- The image of a Briar patch is extremely unattractive to me. The name isn't ugly, the association is.
    Io -- prn Eye-o. I just think of a space shuttle or satellite or something.
    Kaya-- Very cute. Prefer the spelling Caia.
    Aya -- Eh. I'd rather see Kaya.
    Clementine -- I don't love this like most Berries do.
    Evangeline -- This is classic, and pretty. Evie is cute. This isn't my favorite though.
    Luna-- I've been crushing on this name lately. I think it is beautiful.
    I think your best bets are Avalynn, Calla, Kaya, or Luna.
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