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    Penelope is beautiful and classic! You definitely need to block out others opinions. We get the uncomfortable silence too and not one person have said they liie our daughters name, but we do! What makes me love her name is the full name, so maybe you just need to find a perfect combo? I do love Nora too!

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    what about Penelope Nora? Or Nora Penelope?
    NN Penny or Nellie or go by Penelope or Nora.

    And save yourself the trouble, dint ever tell code family or friends your name ideas!!! it's tempting but just don't. chances are someone will always have an unfavorable reaction. your decision needs to be based on your feelings not theirs and when it's someone close it's hard to not let it get in the way. if they don't learn the baby's name until after its born and named they are going to keep those opinions to themselves, you will never know so is good for you, and chances are once the child has grown some they will come to like or love the name more and more because of who is associated with. since its fun to talk about names though, if the opportunity ever comes up in small talk with a stranger I go ahead and tell them what we're thinking. that way I get to test it, no one close to me will hear it, and if it's an unfavorable reaction I can decide whether I want to use that in my decision or not, since its a stranger what do I care if they don't like the name.

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    Penelope is lovely and brings to mind a vivacious, worldly woman. It is a classic, established, but not overly common name meaning "weaver." I think many girls would be happy to have that name. If Penelope doesn't LOVE her full name, the short forms provide lots of options... Nell, Nellie, Penny, Ellie, Lola, Opy, etc. I think you should embrace it and go with it! Who cares about one critical person's reaction?! The name Penelope has a lot going for it... and if you give it to your daughter, so will she!
    You may find this interesting... here's the link to the name ratings on This shows some people's impression of the name Penelope.
    Just out of curiosity, what were you thinking of using for her middle name?
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    Some people think kids will get made fun of if they're named ANYTHING other than Sophia (or Madison or Kayla or Jessica, depending on how behind they are on naming trends). Don't let her get to you. There is nothing so weird or unusual about Penelope that it might negatively affect your daughter's life - in fact, a lot of parents are worried it will get TOO well-liked and popular.
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    I don't like Penelope very much. Have you mulled over similar names?

    Such as Paige, Nala... ect?

    Here are some names that I love that you might!
    Dylan (goes with Delaney)
    Liberty (nickname Libby)

    hope I helped!:grin:
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