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    It's a tie between Greta and Wren.

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    1 -Scarlett
    2 -Brynn
    3 -Wren

    Dislike Greta. Plus it seems a little like the odd one out on your list.
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    Greta is my all time favourite girls name. I pick Greta, hands down.

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    Greta- Not my style.
    Brynn or Bryn- Pretty! I prefer the spelling with 2 'n's, it looks more substantial.
    Wren- Very cute! I really like Wren.
    Avery- Avery Jolen is one of my combos, so I'm a little biased, but I love this!
    Paisley- No. It's trendy, it's popular, and it's altogether not a great name.
    Scarlett- I like it, though not quite as much as Wren, or Avery. It's very out-there, and unexpected, girly with a rebellious undertone.
    Eden- It's sweet, but I don't love it.

    1st- Avery
    2nd- Wren
    3rd- Tie between Brynn and Scarlett
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    Brynn, Wren, Avery, Scarlett ) Good luck - I know it can be tough to choose on

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