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Thread: Thoughts?

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    Lately my style of names have changed so drastically, I think maybe because although I love Aurora, Perseus, and Luna, I feel like none sat right with me. I came up with a few combinations that I really love (With a help from others on here) and I'm wondering how these names would be in society. How would you react if you heard a Mother or Father call these names on the playground?

    Henry Oliver
    Leo Benedict
    Liam Ezra
    Matthew Tadhg
    Morgan Urijah

    Aoife Claire or Aoife Roisin
    Eloise Clodagh
    Clara Rosemary
    Zipporah Grace
    Margaret Hadassah
    Possible Names:

    Liam Ezra Aoife Roisin Fionn Mordecai Clara Rosemary Leo Benedict Eloise Clodagh

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    Henry Oliver--I like this.
    Leo Benedict--Eh.
    Liam Ezra--Okay.
    Matthew Tadhg--How do you pronounce Tadhg?
    Morgan Urijah--Urijah is kind of odd...

    Aoife Claire or Aoife Roisin--Likable.
    Eloise Clodagh--^
    Clara Rosemary--The -ar- sounds run together, but good names.
    Zipporah Grace--Zipporah is okay, Grace is good.
    Margaret Hadassah--

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    All of your names would be fine to hear on the playground! Aoife and Zipporah might turn some heads, but hey, why not?

    Henry Oliver- Very sweet.
    Leo Benedict- I like this.
    Liam Ezra- I love both names, but they don't wow me put together.
    Matthew Tadhg- Yes, how do you pronounce Tadhg?
    Morgan Urijah- I've never heard Urijah. And I feel like people would assume that a little Morgan was a girl.

    Aoife Claire- I love this! Aoife is such a lilting, pretty name, but I worry that people will always mispronounce it! Aoife Roisin is also nice, but it's almost too Irish, if you know what I mean.
    Eloise Clodagh- I adore Eloise! It's rather spunky.
    Clara Rosemary- It runs together.
    Zipporah Grace- Very pretty together, but I don't really like Zipporah.
    Margaret Hadassah- I love Margaret! The combination is nice, but I don't at all care for Hadassah.
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    Henry Oliver - I adore Henry, though Oliver's never done anything for me. They sound well together, but not as adventurous as your others
    Leo Benedict - great!
    Liam Ezra - I love Ezra, not Liam so much, but it sounds good
    Matthew Tadhg - my least favourite
    Morgan Urijah - I like it but I'd like it more if it were spelt Uriah

    Aoife Claire or Aoife Roisin - these are both lovely, though I think Claire sounds better with Aoife than Roisin
    Eloise Clodagh - not bad, but probably my least favourite
    Clara Rosemary - this is my favourite, it is very, very lovely
    Zipporah Grace - this is really sweet, I like it
    Margaret Hadassah - I really like this too, but I do like Zipporah Grace more
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    This is like that "I say, you think, you say" game, haha.

    Henry Oliver- This is nice, both are really good and sturdy names. I do like Oliver quite a bit, and while Henry is nice, I'm not especially wowed by Henry.
    Leo Benedict- Ooh, I like this! I've been coming around to Benedict, and I've always loved Leo.
    Liam Ezra- Eeh, I love Ezra but Liam does absolutely nothing for me. There's nothing wrong with Liam, I just don't like it myself. Ezra is lovely to see though.
    Matthew Tadhg- Nice, but having a cool and interesting mn like Tadhg after something as common as Matthew makes Tadhg's awesomeness unknown… it almost makes me think "too bad…" but Matthew is a fine name, but I wish Tadhg could be the one showcased.
    Morgan Urijah- Errrr, I'd be excited to hear of a boy named Morgan, but Urijah isn't one I care for.

    Aoife Claire or Aoife Roisin- Meh, I'm not a huge fan of Irish names, and Aoife is nice enough, but it's just not my style.
    Eloise Clodagh- Love Eloise, but Clodagh doesn't sound appealing to me, sorry. It's an interesting though.
    Clara Rosemary- I like this a lot! I used to love Clara, and I do love Rosemary.
    Zipporah Grace- Very cool! Kudos to anyone who has the guys to use Zippoah. Grace works perfectly as a mn here and doesn't seem boring or expected. I personally love Séfora, too
    Margaret Hadassah- nice! I think Hadassah is awesome.
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