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    Yes, Shalom would totally work. Is it an odd name? That is how I got to love Salome, but too many people nixed it because of the biblical negative connotation (though names like Delilah seem to be doing ok...)

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    Sorry, but Saloma did make me think of salami (before I got that far in your post). Samira is lovely, also Sasha, Samara, Surya, Sofia, Sophronia, Sarai.

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    Love Simone! In Brasil they pronounce it sim-O-nee

    Samora Olive?
    Talia Salem?
    Emory Dove?
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    I GREATLY appreciate the honesty on Saloma (especially since I am blindly attached to it, is super useful to get a more objective opinion). Thank you! Do you think Salome is a no-no? Or some other spelling of either (Soloma, Suloma, SulaMae, Solomay... etc)

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    I am in love with Shiloh! and It means "place of peace" so it sounds perfect for you.
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