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    If I was a boy, I would have been Eric. And my mom's "back-up" girls name was Greta, which I think is really pretty and have even thought about using myself.

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    If I were a boy, I'd be Tyler Knox. My mom really wanted to name me Jenny Lynn (which sounds really redneck to me!) My dad wanted to name me Christina. I'm glad they chose Haley instead!

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    [FONT=Georgia]I was almost Gabriella - but evidently, my parents changed their minds! [/FONT]
    Girls: Arabella, Kismet (Kizzy), Kalel, Cypress, Saffron, Vienna and Leighton

    Guys: Caspian, Matteo, Levi, Beckett, Easton & Marlowe

    teenberry, name lover, writer

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    I could have been Hope or Linda if I was a girl, or Noah if I was a boy.. My name is Faith though and I love my name!

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    If I were a boy I would have ether been called Aaron or Dexter. When they found out I was a girl my dad wanted to call me Olivia and my mum wanted to call me Airess. There were five Olivia's in my class at school and Airess is just... meh. so I'm quite glad they called me Leah instead

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