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Thread: Convince me!

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    Convince me!

    I've been thinking about Boaz more and more lately, and I've started to doubt my love for it. I fell in love with it because it was spunky, and unusual, and I love (and I do mean love!) the story of Ruth and Boaz in the Bible. One of the most beautiful and romantic stories. Plus, my grandmother was Ruth, and I thought Boaz was the coolest, cutest, funkiest ways to honor her on a boy, and I lovelovelove the nn Beau/Bo. Or at least, I've grown to love it--I liked it when I fell for Boaz, but after I fell for Boaz, I also fell for Beau. There's really only two ways I've found that I like to honor this grandmother--Lily for a girl, and Boaz for a boy--and I'm a bit hesitant to let it go, and I do love the significance, but I'm just not as excited about Boaz as I am my other options. Does Boaz even sound like a name, really?

    Any Boaz lovers out there? I know it's not a popular choice, but it seems like people either ADORE it or hate it. Can anyone "see" a Boaz? What would he look like, act like? Is it honestly just too out-there?

    Thanks, ladies!
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    I too love the story of Ruth and Boaz and I think it's a cool way to honor your grandmother but I personally don't like the name. It's a bit harsh sounding to me. But I think I can kind of see it if it was an official name but he went by Bo. I just can't imagine anyone going by Boaz fulltime.
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    eh... I'm not really a fan, the name doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. When I see it I automatically think of the Boa Constrictor snakes.
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    I'm not really a fan of Boaz. It has a weird sound, and truthfully, it sounds like something that you would name your dog. I much prefer Beau.
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    It's definitely unusual, but I really like it. Especially with nn Bo!
    I'd imagine it on a dark haired boy who's very compact and tough.
    It would definitely have to be with the right family, it's far from standard.
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