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    My name is Dh@na.
    It's a made up spelling of Dana and you know what? I like it. It's totally not my style but I like the spelling of it, it does make it more special to me. I live in Germany and the "h" doesn't change the pronunciation here. Also Dana has never been very popular so it's not dated as I heard it is in the US. Since it has never really entered the popular baby names it never peaked, it isn't tied to one generation which I really like.
    I relly love that it's heard of, not too weird but rare enough. I've never really met anyone with my name, there was no one in my grade with it. When someone talks about me everyone knows which Dh@na cause there's only one.
    It's too soft for my taste, but at least it's not frilly.

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    My name is Roxanne. Growing up there were times I hated it because every substitute teacher we had would break out in song However, now as an adult I feel like the name suits me. I have only ever met two other Roxanne's in my life.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sari View Post
    I'm Sarina, nn Sari.

    I used to hate my name. It's constantly mistaken for similar sounding names (because who really expects a Sarina when Sabrina/Marina/Selena, etc. are all so much more common for girls my age?) OR is misspelled as "Serena," which is understandable.

    I REALLY have no idea what happened these past two years, but now I think I can appreciate the uniqueness of my name. I love lots of other names, but I can honestly say that I can't picture myself as anything other than a "Sarina."
    I named my daughter Serena. I guess it is because it is more uncommon, but people get her name confused a lot. I hear Sabrina, Serenity, Sierra, and Sienna a lot.
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    I like my name, but I don't love it. I never really cared for the way my dad chose to spell it.

    People rarely spell it right, which actually doesn't bother me that much. The only time it ever really bothered me was after my daughter was born I had to go to a psychiatrist to be screened for postpartum depression, and the receptionist was extremely rude over the phone. She asked for my name and I said it and then proceeded to try to spell it for her, and she snapped "just tell me if it's a C or a K!" I was pissed when the bill came with my name spelled wrong. I was like, "I shouldn't have to pay this! That isn't even my name on this bill!" LOL! But, seriously, if you're going to have a job like that where you're dealing with people who are obviously going through difficult times in their lives, you should have to be a little nicer.

    One of my friends in high school could never remember how it was spelled, she just knew it was spelled an unusual way. I saved a bunch of notes she wrote to me because she spelled my name differently on each one. I thought it was cute! The judge who officiated my wedding also spelled my name wrong on the fancy marriage certificate thing (not the legal document), but I thought that was funny. He tried to fix it. It looks all jacked up.

    I used to want to change the spelling to Katharine, which people would still spell wrong, but I like the look of it better. My dad told me I should just do it. But, when I went through the process of changing my name after I got married, I just couldn't bring myself to. I'm attached to it the way it is, I guess. My grandmother was Ukrainian and the letter Y is used in a lot of names there (the Ukrainian version is Kateryna), so now I just pretend the Y is to honor my heritage.
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    My name is Emily. While I think it's a really pretty name, it is way over-used and I absolutely hate hearing it everywhere I go. I have always been Emily [last initial] and that gets old.

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