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Thread: Florian

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    So hey, we're expecting a baby.

    We were happy to name it after a grandmother (Florence) and an aunt (Jane) until it turned out we were having a boy.

    We'd still like a family name, but the boy names on either side of the tree are uninspiring at best and terrible at worst.

    The idea came up to maybe go with the name Florian to still honor Florence and shorten it to Rory (a name we both liked a lot, but had no special connection to either family on its own).

    One of us was lukewarm on it at first but gotten more into it even as the other one has been less excited after more thought.

    Suggestions on how to proceed from here?

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    Well, I think it's rather nice. There's also Florin if you want something with the same feel, but a little simpler.

    I'd suggest keeping it in the mix, but branching out to other names just to see if you can find something that excites both of you equally.
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    Unless you are having one child, I would save Florence and Jane for a possible girl. I know people who've been in your situation and used a version they didn't really love for the opposite gender and then regretted it when they had a baby of the different gender. We've used the Hebrew tradition of using the first initial of the person we wished to honor. We're not Jewish but have Jewish roots on my side and our Jewish friends suggested the idea. We've also used surnames to honor family. As well as middles and first names (all our kids middles are family and one first is family as well, not to mention all the initials we've used). So, I would go back and take a look at the middle name or surnames. Also, are any of the names maybe usable with a different nickname. For example, I have an uncle Dick (that's obviously unusable now) but I have considered using his full name of Richard and calling him Richey.
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    You could use John to honor Jane! There's nothing wrong with Florian, though.
    In fact, Florian John is nice...

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    I love Florian, and it definitely works to honor Florence. Rory is a great nickname, and I think it works for any name with "ori" in the middle.

    You could also drop the f and go with Laurence/Lawrence. I feel like the Flor- feels more connected though, even though Laurence is actually more similar in sound.

    Another thought, Oren, since it is right there in Florence.
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